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With the customs duties, it is often very complicated. Every country has its limits and sometimes it seems that the carriers fall under different customs tariffs. We will try to explain how the customs clearance of packages sent by Aramex Priority Parcel Express from the US to Europe works.

Do I Have to Pay Import Duties?

Since all of the US packages shipped by Aramex to European union are collected in the UK, parcels are subject to local limits. It is not necessary to pay a customs duty or any other expenses for every package (see the table below). From the UK, the packages are then sent to the delivery destination where no further customs duties are applied.

Package valueDo I Pay Customs?Do I Pay VAT?
0 to 15£NONO
15£ to 135£NOYES
Above 135£YESYES

Feel free to calculate the value of import duties with Simply Duty online free tool.

Aramex also works closely with several other carriers. When shipped from the US to the EU, the package can be delivered to you, for example, by DPD or GLS.

How Long Does the Package Delivery Take?

The packages from the US to Europe are delivered within a few business days. For example, the package in the example below has been delivered within 8 business days from the US to the Czech Republic.

aramex tracking CZ
Only 8 days from the US to the Czech Republic.

The delivery time can vary depending on the country of delivery. Feel free to get an estimated price and delivery time with our postage calculator.

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