There you can find answers on most common questions about our fulfillment service. If you don’t find answer here don’t hesitate to contact us.


General Service Questions


Why do I need bins for my storage?

You need bins for storage in case you have more than 1 SKU in your inventory. We use separate bin for different SKU to ensure each item is stored correctly for pick & pack

How do I know how much you charge for boxes and packaging matieral?

Our provider for boxes and packaging material is Uline. When we quote the box for your fulfillment need, you can visit for the exact pricing and we do not mark up in the pricing)

What is minimum pick and pack fee?

Minimum Monthly pick & pack fee is $250 or equal your storage fee. If you odn’t reach the minimum with your pick & pack fee, you’ll just have to pay the different. We are not operating like storage facility therefore we have the minimum pick and pack fee of $250. For example: if your pick & pack fee is at $150 for this month, the minimum requirement is $250. You will just have to pay the different of $100.

Do you charge for inserting of items into account?

No, inserting of products into your acocunt is completely free, you pay only when you send a package.

When do you charge for storage fee?

We charge for storage fee in the beginning of storage time. For example we received your products on 5th of July. Then we store your products into storage unit and charge your for one month.

How many storage units to I need?

It depends on size of your product. We always fit your products into smallest storage unit as possible to save your money. As a proof we send you picture of your storage unit.

How many SKUs can I put into one storage unit?

To keep your storage well organized we can fit only one SKU into one storage unit.

Can you send my products in customs packing?

Of course. If you have some type of special box, just send it to us. We will use your custom boxes for packing for free!

Can you insert gift message into package?

Yes. Price is $0.1 per promotional insert. You have to provide us contact which you want to insert into your package.

What’s Account Manager?

This is the person who will be managing your account and help with any special request or project with your account or your products.

Do you charge any fee for opening account or monthly or yearly fee?

For Fulfillment service, we do not have monthly plan or yearly plan or membership. The monthly fee you pay is the storage fee.