List of Restricted and Prohibited Items for International Shipping • Planet Express
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Some items and other substances cannot be sent by air. Often due to the safety regulations and regulations of the carriers that we have to respect. We have prepared an overview for you so that you have a clear understanding of what can and cannot be shipped from the US to your country.

Agriculture and produces

Live or dead plants/animals, furs, seeds etc.

Combustible and Flammable Items

Gasoline, paints, oil etc.


Prescription drugs, illegal drugs of any form etc.

Electronic equipment or equipment requires ECCN

Products that require ECCN cannot be shipped.

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Firearms, firearms parts & accessories

...and any items under the control of ITAR.

Ammunition, gun, scopes, military weapons & accessories, night vision goggles etc.

Hazardous and corrosive materials

Chemical, industrial chemical (mineral acids, alkali solutions and some oxidizers etc.).

Human or animal remains

Any human or animal remains are strictly prohibited from shipping. Any try will be reported to the police.

Indecency items

Pornography magazines/DVDs, adult toys etc.

Lithium-Ion Batteries PI965

PI965 (Standalone Lithium-Ion batteries like power banks etc.)

PI966 and PI967 are allowed.

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Monetary items

Cash, coins, precious stones and metals, ID cards etc.

Perishable food items

Meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables etc.

Pressurized cans, aerosol can products

Hairspray, paint spray can etc.

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