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You’re a retailer, e-commerce stores, startup, small business that needs fulfillment service to be done? We have got you covered!

At Planet Express we offer clear pricing with the cheapest price available and biggest discount for shipping. To see our shipping rates use shipping calculator. With our “Pick and Pack” price you can be sure that you don’t pay any hidden fees.

We do offer complete solution for reverse logistics as well. No matter if you use Amazon, Shopify, your own website or any other platform, we can handle the reverse logistics (returns management) for you. Whether it is damage return, exchange, resell, or liquidation, we will help you manage this part of the service for a very competitive fee. Please, contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Interested in Fulfillment or Reverse Logistics?

E-commerce fulfillment

Identify how many orders you process per month to determine your pick fees

orders per month
First Item
Additional Item
Promotional Inserts

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Identify how many orders you process per month to determine your pick fees

orders per month
First Item
Additional Item
Promotional Inserts

Amazon Fulfillment

0 - 2000+
orders per month
First Item$5
Additional Item$1.5
Special Request Fee (creating label, print label)$5
Labeling / Barcode$0.25 per Unit
Bagging, packing prep$0.25

Reverse Logistics

Looking for all-in-one return management solution? Planet Express is ideal solution to manage all your returns, no matter if you use Shopify, Amazon or any other platform.

Why Planet Express to manage your returns?

Competitive pricing
For all types and size of business
User friendly

Feel free to contact us via email [email protected] to get a quote.

Storage fee

price per month
OVER SIZE PALLET (48 x 40 x 70)$40
PALLET (48 x 40 x 55)$30
LARGE BIN (26 x 13 x 13)$5
MEDIUM BIN (17 x 13 x 13)$2
SMALL BIN (12 x 10 x 5)$1

Other services and fees

price per month
CONTAINER UNLOADING$250 per 20‘ / $500 per 40‘ container
PALLET LOADING / UNLOADING$40 per pallet (48 x 40 x 60)
BOXES & PACKING MATERIALBase on distributors pricing

How It Works

You can use our free shipping cost calculator. With basic information you can see how much money cost your packeges.

Select warehouse:
Imperial system (inch, lbs) Metric system (cm, kg)

Shipping rates

Fetching rates for your package


Why do I need bins for my storage?

You need bins for storage in case you have more than 1 SKU in your inventory. We use the separate bin for different SKU to ensure each item is stored correctly for pick & pack.

Do you charge for inserting of items into account?

No, inserting of products into your account is completely free, you pay only when you send a package.

Do you offer reverse logistics (returns management)?

Yes, we do. We offer a complete solution for reverse logistics (reverse logistics). For more information, visit this page or contact us directly to get a quote with very competitive pricing.

More Asked Questions

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