Returned Package Service Fulfillment

Planet Express introduces Returned Package Service for any online sellers to ease their worries of return items and packages.

With the grow of the Ecommerce and online retailers, many sellers are stuck without a solution for returned packages especially when they are selling on Amazon, EBay and other Ecommerce platforms. Many fulfillment services charge a very high fee for accepting returns. There is fee for receiving returned packages, fee for inspection, fee for re-inventory, fee for consolidating all of the return packages and send back to the factory and so on.

With many of those fees added up, many sellers find that it does not make sense to accept the returned items and would rather just abandon the items to avoid the additional cost.

With Planet Express, we provide the solution for returned packages at the lowest cost. We do not charge for accepting the returned packages. We will record the order’s ID number of each return package so our sellers would know exactly what is being returned; again at no cost. If you use Planet Express for Fulfillment service, all of the return packages can be restock into your inventory at no cost.

What are the fees that we will charge for returned packages? We only charge $2 for Pick & Pack fee when we send the return package out again, or $2 for consolidating them into a shipment to send back to the factory. You can find out more about our fulfillment service here or contact us anytime via [email protected]