Letter Forwarding for Planet Express Customer via Mail on Screen

Mail Forwarding for Planet Express Customers finally available through Mail On Screen

Planet Express is introducing a new mail forwarding service in California that its members can use if they sign up with new cooperating partner, Mail On Screen. Planet Express is primarily dedicated to packages, while Mail on Screen is mainly devoted to letters. The main reason why we are teaming up is to make mail forwarding to our customers available and more accessible than ever.

All mail of Mail On Screen customers are received at the Planet Express location in Los Angeles, where Mail On Screen also holds their offices. The mail forwarding is available for both individuals and businesses that will receive a virtual address in California once they sign up with Mail On Screen. Packages still need to be addressed using Planet Express. If you are interested in mail forwarding, you must register through our easy system separately at the Mail On Screen website. From there, Mail On Screen will take care of all of your letters, and you will also gain access to all of your mail pieces digitally. You can finally view and manage your mail completely online from anywhere!

* We do not accept any packages, we will only accept letters only. For package forwarding, please use Planet Express www.planetexpress.com

All memberships include:

  • Virtual Mailbox at Real Street Address in Los Angeles, CA
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Mail Scanning
  • Mail Shredding
  • Mail Storage
  • Online Access to all Your Mail
  • Online Notary USPS Form 1583


Mail On Screen Subscriptions

Mail On Screen offers the most affordable plans on the market with a start membership for as little as $5 a month, an individual for $15 a month, and unlimited business membership for $30 a month.

For those who receive just a few mail pieces per month, $5 a month will provide the customer with ten mail pieces for free, two open & scan feature services for free, and membership for one recipient. Most popular and the best plan for most users and small businesses is the individual membership for $15 a month. The customer obtains 30 mail pieces for free, five open & scan

services for free, and membership for two individuals. And lastly, a business plan for $30 a month has unlimited mail pieces received with an open & scan feature for up to twenty letters for ten recipients.


How To Sign Up with Mail On Screen 

To use our mail forwarding services, you simply register at www.mailonscreen.com and follow the instructions. The website will then navigate you through our system, where you will need your email address to register and some basic information such as your full name and

current address. The last step of your registration is USPS Form 1583. The form will be

automatically filled for you as Mail On Screen requires all new incoming members to approve a notarized USPS 1583 Form. USPS strictly requires this. With the notarization of the form, we will be able to take care of all of your mail safely.

Mail On Screen recommends notarizing USPS Form 1583 during the account registration with an online notary as it is the easiest and safest way. For more information about the USPS Form 1583, please visit https://mailonscreen.com/usps-form-1583/.