New Service – Fulfillment

As you may notice, we’ve recently launched a fulfillment service, which enables all kinds of sellers, whether domestic or international, small eBay vendors or big online stores, to outsource the storage, packaging, and shipping of their products. It’s the ideal solution for all kinds of online businesses that want to focus on marketing and selling and leave the not very pleasant part of the process – packaging and shipping – to others.


The question you probably have is how much does it cost & whether it’s not better to do it yourself in-house. The storage is absolutely free for the first 30 days, and after that, you pay only 1 cent per pound per day. If your products aren’t extra large and you don’t expect them to stay in our warehouse for a very long time, it’s really fair price. Next, there is pick & pack fee ($2) – we’ll take the product your customer ordered, pack it and prepare for shipping. That’s the most important prices, and you can see that they’re really good. You can check the whole fulfillment pricing here.

For international sellers who want to break to the US market, it’s basically the only option to solve the shipping problem. There are no special rules for non-US sellers, so if this was your concern, rest assured there’s no problem with that.

It’s very easy to start – let us know first – we’ll cover the details together, then you’ll just send us all the products you want us to store and send and that’s basically it. If you get an order, you’ll let us know which product and where to ship it, choose the shipping option and your package is on the way to the customer!