New Warehouse In the UK

In the previous blog post summary of the year 2019, we mentioned that we plan to open a new warehouse in Europe in 2020. We did not specify a location where the warehouse is going to be. Today, we have a new update about the warehouse – the new warehouse is going to be opened in Warrington in the United Kingdom!

American and UK flag

Why the UK?

There are many reasons why the UK is the best location for our new warehouse. First of all, it’s a big package forwarding market. The UK offers a big variety of shops with amazing prices compared to the rest of the world. Here is a list of some interesting UK shops:

Another reason is sending packages from the USA to Europe. The European market is very important to us. We expect that our volume of shipments we process in the USA is going to keep increasing and because of that, we want to offer faster and cheaper shipping for European customers. This will be possible thanks to our European hub in the UK.


Especially European customers may be worried about the Brexit because of free trade in the European Union, but no worries at all. Even after Brexit, there is no change to free trade between the UK and countries in the EU.

We believe that even in the future, free trade between the UK and EU will work exactly the same as now.


We want to keep our pricing as simple as possible and because of that, the pricing for the UK warehouse is going to be exactly the same as for our other warehouses. And the best part – the UK warehouse is going to be available for all our customers, no matter if you have the free or premium plan.


The UK location is not launched yet. Currently, we are working on integrating as many carriers as possible to offer the best shipping rates in the industry. The estimated launch date is March 2020 when we plan to be ready to start accepting your packages.

We can’t wait to start our European adventure, thank you for being a part of this!


UK Warehouse
UK Warehouse
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