Repack Request & UPS Pre-Paid Labels Canceled

We have 2 important updates for you today. The first is regarding our Repack Request feature and the second regarding UPS prepaid labels.

#1 Repack Request Is Cancelled

Many of our customers were confused about our repack request and mixed it with a consolidation request. Because of that, we decided to remove the repack request.

But no worries, you can still repack your package, there is no change. To repack your package, create the SPECIAL REQUESTThe price is the same as for the repack request – $5.

The best part is that you can include more instructions in one special request for the same fee.

Repack the package to the smallest box possible and remove invoices. No problem! The price is still the same, and we charge $5 only.

#2 UPS Pre-paid Labels

Some of our customers require to process their mail out using pre-paid UPS labels. Last week, we were experiencing issues with using third-party labels, such as slow processing and delays. Because of that, we decided to stop accepting UPS pre-paid labels to mail out your packages. The only exception is for Amazon returns. We process those still as usual. 

We can still accept pre-paid labels from other carriers like USPS, DHL, etc.

We believe that these changes are going to improve the customer’s experience and will make Planet Express a little bit better than before. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our customer support team is available!