List of Restricted and Prohibited Items for International Shipping

Like all of the carriers, we can not ship any of these items:

  1. Combustible, flammable items (gasoline, paints, oil etc.)
  1. Pressurized cans, aerosol can products (hairspray, paint spray can etc.)
  2. Hazardous materials and corrosive material (chemical, industrial chemical etc.)
  3. Firearms, firearms parts & accessories, any items under the control of ITAR (ammunition, gun, scopes, military weapons & accessories, night vision goggles etc.)
  4. Agriculture and produces (live or dead plants, animals, fur, fruits etc.)
  5. Monetary items (coins, precious stones, cash, precious metal etc.)
  6. Drugs (prescription drugs, illegal drugs of any form etc.)
  7. Indecency items (pornography magazines, DVD, adult toys etc.)
  8. Stand-alone Lithium-ion battery (PI965) is prohibited to be shipped by Planet Express. We can only ship items that contain Lithium-Ion Battery (PI967) and items that packed with Lithium-Ion Battery (PI966)
  9. Certain restricted items like perfume or tobacco products can be export but will require additional documents. Please contact the Planet Express support team if you’re unsure some items can be shipped or not.
  10. Corrosive, Explosive, Flammable, Compressed/Pressurized items, a Chemical solution of any form, Hazardous Materials
  11. Flammable liquid, paint
  12. Perishable food items
  13. Human or animal remains, live or dead animals or plants
  14. Identification, Money, Precious metal,
  15. Electronic equipment or equipment requires ECCN (Export Control Classification Number).
  16. Firearms or firearms parts, rifle scope, red dot sight, ammo or any items under the restriction of ITAR, Department of Commerce, US Customs Border Protection, or US Department of Treasury.
  17. Lithium-Ion Batteries are allowed. Only PI966 (Lithium-Ion Batteries packed with equipment), PI967 (Lithium-Ion Batteries contained inside equipment).