At Planet Express we accept more payment methods to make payments as easy as possible. Our customers can choose from the following payment methods:


The most popular payment method. You can pay by using your Paypal account or just using your credit card. Deposit is added immediately into your account.

amazon pay

If you shop on Amazon and have a credit card connected to your account, you can simply add deposit by your Amazon account. Really easy and simple payment method. Deposit is added immediately into your account.


Bitcoin payments are today’s phenomena. If you have this currency, feel free to take advantage of our fully automated bitcoin payments processing via Bitpay.

Wire Transfer

In some cases, a standard wire transfer can be a good choice. We have a bank account at Bank of America and you have to cover transaction fees.

Credit Card Payments

You can also pay with a credit card that has online payments enabled. We use a trusted service called Stripe for our payment gateway.