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Perfumes are very cheap in the US and you probably have heard about well-known brands like Calvin Klein, Chanel, or Dior. These top brands are usually very expensive but not in the US the shops. We can ship perfumes and fragrances, but there are some limitations.

The problem with perfumes is that most of them are flammable which means that some carriers do not like to ship it due to safety reasons. However, they can be shipped as Excepted quantity or Limit Quantity (this means a few bottles) via USPS and Planet Mail. We also recommend shipping the perfumes with some other items together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ship perfumes from the US with Planet Express?

Yes, you can, but you can ship a limited amount only (3 bottles per package). We also recommend checking with your local customs if it is allowed to ship perfumes.

Are there any extra fees to ship perfumes and fragrances?

There are no additional fees.

How many bottles can I ship?

You can ship a limited amount. The maximum is 3 small bottles per package.

What shipping method can I use to ship perfumes?

You can use USPS or Planet Mail.

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Please, make sure you double-check your local customs restrictions & prohibitions. It is possible that perfumes are on the list of restricted & prohibited items of your customs office.

We are always ready to help you so in case you have any questions, just contact us.