Shipping from USA to UK is super easy with Planet Express. It doesn’t matter if you buy something from Amazon or you are moving from USA to UK. We are ready to deliver your goods anywhere, for example to London.


All what you need to do is create a new account on Planet Express. After activating of your account you get your virtual US address which has this form:

John Doe
17224 S. Figueroa Street #A1234
Gardena, CA 90248, USA

Once you receive your package at your virtual address we notify you by email. After that you can just choose final destination of your package and check shipping rates. Because of big discounts we are able to offer you better rates than are regular rates of Fedex, USPS, DHL or others.

Shipping rates

To compare our prices, see an example of shipping rate for 5lbs package to UK:

Fedex International Priority (delivery time 4 business days)

Our rate: $45
Official rate: $180

Fedex Official rate is 4 times bigger than our shipping rate! To get more shipping rates check our shipping calculator.