Many US stores do not ship internationally, they ship only to US address. With a virtual address from Planet Express, you get your own address in the USA where you can receive all your packages. Then you can consolidate them and forward worldwide with the best shipping rates.

To help you with shopping in the USA, we prepared detailed guides for shopping in popular US stores. Simply find the store you want to shop in, click on the picture and you can follow the instructions on the dedicated page.

List of the Popular US Online Stores

What Stores Don’t Ship to Package Forwarders?

Unfortunately, some online stores don’t ship to package forwarding companies like Planet Express. It is because of their shipping policy. Some of these stores are Apple, Best Buy, Coach, Gamestop, Harley-Davidson, Hollister, Journeys, Lego, Macy’s, Michael Kors, Nike, Nordstorm Rack, Patagonia, Surdyke, Target, Under Armor, Vans.

You can take advantage of our Shop for me service for ordering from these stores. Feel free to place your order today.