Fishisfast belongs to one of the biggest package forwarding companies out there. But there are also some Fishisfast alternatives as Planet Express, for example. Planet Express was founded in 2017 but thanks to its rates, excellent customer support, and clear pricing, it gained thousands of customers from around the globe. We don’t exaggerate when we say that we belong to one of the best package forwarding companies on the market. Our main focus is customer satisfaction making us great Fishisfast alternative. See our services and prices comparisons below:

  • Main Benefits of Planet Express
  • Pricing Comparison
  • Shipping Rates Comparison
  • Planet Express Reviews
  • Why Planet Express is the Best Fishisfast Alternative?
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Planet Express Benefits

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider switching from Fishisfast to Planet Express. Planet Express has several advantages over Fishisfast:

  • The best customer reviews in the package forwarding industry
  • Clear pricing
  • Best shipping rates
  • Professional customer support

Planet Express is #1 choice and perfect Fishisfast alternative also thanks to benefits stated above. If you look for a reliable package forwarding company that gets your packages from the US to your country, Planet Express is the way to go.

Shipping Rates

The Fishisfast include their services in the price of the shipping. This means that you often pay much more than you would pay with Planet Express. We are going to explain to you why in the example below.

First, let’s compare the prices as you get them from the postage calculator.

Shipping to: LondonSydneyLondonSydney

Package dimensions
10×8×3 inches

Package weight
4 lbs    

USPS ePacket$32,93$30,82
USPS Express$38,74$43,50$87,00$97,00
FedEx Economy$31,71$34,72$50,00$55,00
FedEx Priority$35,00$39,37$55,00$63,00
DHL Worldwide Express$45,18$41,65

The prices were calculated with the postage calculator tool on the Fishisfast website on the 3st of October 2019.

It is clear that Planet Express prices are much lower than Fishisfast rates. But, we have to compare comparable. Let’s consider the fact we can see from the table below:

Fishisfast offers some of their additional services for free:

$50 per year
MAIL OUT FEE / HANDLING FEE$2 per package$2 per packagefree
CONSOLIDATIONn/a$5+$2 per each consolidated package
7 days of free storage for consolidated package
FREE STORAGE10 days45 days180 days
ADDITIONAL STORAGE$.01 per lbs per day$.01 per lbs per day
MANUALLY PHOTO REQUEST$2 for 3 general photos
$5 for 10 detail photos
$2 for 3 general photos
$5 for 10 detail photos
PRE-ORDER PHOTO REQUEST$1 for 3 general photos
$2 for 10 detail photos
$1 for 3 general photos
$2 for 10 detail photos
SPECIAL REQUEST$5 flat fee per package$5 flat fee per packagen/a
REPACK REQUEST$5 flat fee per package$5 flat fee per package$1-$5
SHOP FOR ME$5 service fee
7% of the total cost (bank fee)
$5 service fee
7% of the total cost (bank fee)
OVERWEIGHT FEE (for packages over 10 lbs)

The pricing of Fishisfast and was downloaded on the Fishisfast website on the 3st of October 2019.

Shipping of the Package [1st Example]

When you want to ship the 10×8×3 inches, 4 lbs package from the US to the UK (London) with USPS Express, the basic calculation is this:

Shipping costs$38,74$87
Handling fee$2

*VAT Excluded
We used the rates from the first table in the Shipping rates section.

Shipping of the Package [2nd Example]

The first example was clear. Now, let’s assume that you want the following actions:

  • Repack the package (priority processing)
  • Additional pictures
  • Priority mailout

At Planet Express, you can use a special request for repacking the package and even taking additional photos. The price is flat $5.

Fishisfast doesn’t offer special request as Planet Express. This means you have to use their other services:

  • Additional photos – $5
  • Repack request – $1-5 (we take $3 for our example)
Shipping costs$38,74$87
Special request$5n/a
Priority processing$3+$3$7
Additional picturesincluded in “Special request”$5
Repack requestincluded in “Special request”$3
Handling fee$2

*VAT Excluded


As you can see from our examples above, Planet Express is cheaper than Fishisfast despite the fact that some of the Fishisfast additional services are for free.

Calculate the rates for your package. Use the Planet Express postage calculator.

Reviews of Planet Express

As you can see, we have an excellent rating on Trustpilot. Our customers appreciate our processing speed, transparent pricing, and cheap shipping rates.

Planet Express Trustpilot Rating

Summary Of The Best Fishisfast Alternative

We think that we gave you enough examples of why is Planet Express the best Fishisfast alternative. If you need more arguments, continue reading.

Responsive and Friendly Customer Support

Planet Express’s customer support is trained to be as helpful and professional as possible. We are able to help you in several languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, Czech, and Arabic.

Useful Knowledge Base and Tutorials

Thanks to our video and written tutorials you won’t struggle with our user interface.

We listen to our customers. Thanks to that we know what stores they like. So, we prepared a list of the favorite US stores for you. We update the list on a regular basis so there will be more and more stores. Thanks to these guides the shopping in the US online stores has never been easier.

Last, but not least, we develop our country guides. These guides provide you the necessary info when shipping from the US.