Shipito is one of the biggest package forwarders founded in 2008, but you can find a Shipito alternative. Planet Express is the most reliable package forwarding service founded in 2017 with clear pricing, the best shipping rates, and professional customer support. With a target on customer satisfaction, Planet Express is one of the best package forwarders on the market and an ideal alternative to Shipito. We prepared a simple comparison of Shipito and Planet Express contained from the following parts:

  • Main Benefits of Planet Express
  • Pricing Comparison
  • Shipping Rates Comparison
  • Planet Express Reviews
  • Why Planet Express is the Best Shipito Alternative?
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The Best Shipito alternative? Try Planet Express

Planet Express Benefits

Considering switching from Shipito to Planet Express, these are the main advantages of Planet Express:

  • The best customer reviews in the package forwarding industry
  • Clear pricing
  • The best shipping rates
  • Professional customer support

Thanks to these benefits, there is no reason to use any other service, Planet Express is #1 choice and ideal Shipito alternative for all customers who are looking for reliable package forwarder to forward packages from the USA worldwide.

Shipping Rates

When you are looking for a Shipito alternative, shipping rates are one of the most important things you should consider. Usually, package forwarders hide a lot of fees in shipping costs, but not Planet Express.

We have compared some examples of shipping rates of Planet Express and Shipito. You can see our comparison below:

Shipping to: LondonSydneyTokyoLondonSydneyTokyo

Package dimensions
10×8×3 inches

Package weight
4 lbs    

USPS ePacket$32,93$30,82n/a$47,50$51,82$44,26
USPS Express$38,74$43,50$38,27$54,16$71,32$60,28
FedEx Economy$31,71$34,72$30,19$53,27$54,57$57,22
FedEx Priority$35,00$39,37$33,43$60,16$60,57$62,53
DHL Worldwide Express$45,18$41,65$43,13$44,17$57,76$58,28

The prices were calculated with the postage calculator tool on the Shipito website on the 1st of October 2019.

As you can see from the comparison, Planet Express shipping rates are in average tens of percent cheaper than Shipito.

Don’t you believe? See for yourself and calculate the shipping cost for your package!

Compare Pricing of Planet Express and Shipito

Package forwarding is not just sending of single packages. Sometimes you need photos of the package’s content, consolidation or a repack. Planet Express offers all these services with clear & fair pricing. You can see the comparison below:

$50 per year
free$10 per month
$60 per year
MAIL OUT FEE / HANDLING FEE$2 per package$2 per package$3 per package$2 per package
CONSOLIDATIONn/a$5+$2 per each consolidated package
7 days of free storage for consolidated package
$5 per package$3 per package
FREE STORAGE10 days45 days7 days45 days
ADDITIONAL STORAGE$.01 per lbs per day$.01 per lbs per day
MANUALLY PHOTO REQUEST$2 for 3 general photos
$5 for 10 detail photos
$2 for 3 general photos
$5 for 10 detail photos
$8 for 1-3 photos$5 for 1-3 photos
PRE-ORDER PHOTO REQUEST$1 for 3 general photos
$2 for 10 detail photos
$1 for 3 general photos
$2 for 10 detail photos
SPECIAL REQUEST$5 flat fee per package$5 flat fee per package$7$5
REPACK REQUEST$5 flat fee per package$5 flat fee per package$4$2
SHOP FOR ME$5 service fee
7% of the total cost (bank fee)
$5 service fee
7% of the total cost (bank fee)
$8.50 + 4.3% service fee
8% of the total cost (bank fee)
$8.50 + 4.3% service fee
8% of the total cost (bank fee)
OVERWEIGHT FEE (for packages over 10 lbs)$10$10

The pricing of Shipito and was downloaded on the Shipito website on the 1st of October 2019.

Overall you can see that Planet Express is cheaper than Shipito. Planet Express offers cheaper mail out fee which is $2 per package (it’s not hidden in shipping costs) than Shipito ($3 with the free plan, $2 with a paid plan). Consolidation is also cheaper from Planet Express. With Planet Express free plan, you also get longer free storage than with Shipito (7 days vs. 10 days).

Reviews of Planet Express

The current Planet Express rating on Trustpilot is EXCELLENT. Our customers are happy with the processing speed, clear pricing, and cheap shipping rates.

Planet Express Trustpilot Rating
Trustpilot review detail

Summary Of The Best Shipito Alternative

As you can see, Planet Express is the best Shipito alternative. Because of our clear pricing, professional customer support, and cheap shipping rates, there is no reason to look for any other service.

Responsive and Friendly Customer Support

The quality and speed of customer support agents are very important in logistics. Especially, if you don’t have a lot of experience with shopping in the US. You will get the response within a few hours in Planet Express – in English, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic or Czech!

Useful Knowledge Base and Tutorials

You can find video and written tutorials on our website. It will be pretty easy for you to understand what to do during forwarding packages from the US.

We update our list of favorite US stores on a regular basis. These step by step guides will help you order goods from the US.

And last, but not least, we expand our country guides. Shipping to your country has never been easier.