How To Add Deposit & Activate Your Account

You can add a $5 deposit to activate your account with multiple payment methods. We accept PayPal, Amazon Pay, as well as account transfers, card payments + BitPay.

The specific payment method can be selected in our administration. Then just follow the instructions. If you want to take advantage of Bitcoin payment, please follow the Bitcoin payments page.

How To Add/Change Address

If you want to deliver goods to a different address than your home address is, we offer the option of adding multiple addresses. This allows you to forward goods to your friends or your customers.

You can always delete or change the address if you move, for example, or fill in the wrong address.

How To Fill In Customs Declaration

Filling in a customs declaration is a very important step. Without a completed customs declaration, packages cannot be sent. The declaration is filled in electronically in our administration. We will take care of the delivery of the declaration to the carrier.

When filling in the value of a customs declaration, keep in mind that if you pay for insurance, the insurance amount will be the one stated in the declaration. In practice, this means that if the real value of the product is $100, but the declaration will be $10, only $10 will be refunded to you.

How To Place Repack & Special Request

For example, if you think that the package dimensions are too large, you can start a Repack request with us. We will repack the package to a smaller one. In many cases, there is a lot of unnecessary packaging material in the package, which increases the weight and size of the package, and the postage is more expensive.

In case of any other requirements, such as checking the goods, scanning documents*, splitting goods into multiple packages, you can use the Special request.

*We will need a notarized USPS 1583 form from you.

How To Report Error

Occasionally, the dimensions or weight may be incorrectly measured, or all photos will not be uploaded. In such cases, you only need to specify a Report error. Thanks to this feature, you will report the error to us and we can fix it.

How To Mail Out The Package

The package mail-out process is intuitive, but several conditions have to be met. It is first necessary to complete the customs declaration. Then you select one of the addresses and then the delivery method.

Keep in mind that in order to send you a package, you must have enough shipping credit in the Planet Express account. If you are in a hurry to send the package, you can use the priority mail out.

How To Activate Consolidated Plan

If you want to use package consolidation option to save on postage or to take advantage of 45-day free storage for your packages, you must first activate a premium account.

We recommend that if you ship on a regular basis from the US.

How To Consolidate Packages

Before you consolidate packages, make sure you have a premium account activated. If you do not have it, please follow the instructions for activating your Premium Account.

Packages can be consolidated in 3 different ways:

  1. We keep the packages as they are and wrap them into one package.
  2. We will remove the sellers packaging. This will only leave the product in its original packaging.
  3. We will also remove the retail packaging, so we only consolidate the products themselves.

How To Close Your Account

If you no longer want to use our services, you can close your account.

Need help? Contact us.