How to Import Orders Via .csv File?

Our fulfillment customers can import their orders via a .csv file. This way, they can save plenty of time and prevent mistakes from rewriting orders.

1. Login to your fulfillment account and go to ‘New Order’ tab.

2. Click the ‘Import from csv.’ option and upload your orders if you have the csv. file ready. Otherwise, click ‘Help’ to get the Example file.

Fulfillment – New Order
Go to New Order tab

3. Download the Example file & prepare your orders export from your system according to the Example file.

Fulfillment – Example File Download
Download the example file

4. Go to ‘Import page‘ tab and upload your orders – (make sure you select correct warehouse) and confirm your import.

Fulfillment – Import csv
Choose the .csv file with orders for upload

Do you face any problems?