Occasionally, your package delivered to your Planet Express address needs to be returned. Maybe it doesn’t meet your expectations or there is another problem. There are 2 ways how to return it to the seller.

1st Way – You Have the Return Shipping Label

If you have return shipping label from the seller, it is easier because the only thing you need to do is to place a special request.

Find the package you want to return and click on ADD SPECIAL REQUEST button.

place special request
Special Request Button
[1] Now, write us a simple message: “I would like to return the package to the seller.”

send special request
Upload your return shipping label
[2+3] Upload the return shipping label. Usually, it is in .pdf format. If you upload a wrong file, feel free to delete it by clicking the trash can icon. Then confirm placing your special request by clicking “SEND REQUEST” button.

Your request will be processed within 2 business days. The price is the same as for a normal special request (see our pricing).

2nd Way – You Don’t Have the Return Shipping Label

If you don’t have the return shipping label, it is necessary to add a new delivery address. Follow the instructions on How to add a new delivery address page. The new delivery address is usually an address used for returned orders and you can find it on the seller’s website.

Once you add the new delivery address, simply place a mailout request (here is how to place it). The price is the same as the price during normal mailout. You can calculate it with our postage calculator.