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Free Photo Of Package And Label

Once we receive package at our warehouse we take a FREE photo of package and label so you can see sender’s name and address.

Amazon package
A package from Amazon

Photo Request

Worry about the quality of the items you order? Worry if you get correct items, or if your item is damage before shipping it? Let us take the content photos of the item so you can see what you’re receiving. We offer the options of 3 photos for general detail or 10 photos to show extra detail of the items.

Price for 3 photos is $2, for 10 photos it’s $5. For details see our pricing.

Special Request

We always think of our customers first and we know photos request, consolidation, are not enough, therefore we offer Special Request service. You can request us to divide the package into multiple one so you can send to your customers, or remove some items for returning to the store, or forgot what you order and we can check for you too, or need extra bubble wrap and security tape? Just write to us what you’d like us to do for the package in the warehouse, we’ll do our best to help you.

account package detail

How it Works?

Just write a note to any package in your account, for example: “Remove the invoice and add extra bubble wrap”. No problem, we’ll do it for a flat fee $5 and it doesn’t matter on a type of request. Here are some examples of special requests which you can use:

  • remove some items, packaging
  • add bubble wrap
  • use security tape
  • remove invoice
  • fill customs declaration
  • or just use any type of your own request

Secure Packing

We use only top quality boxes to prevent any damage of your packages.