General Terms & Condition

  • Planet Express is incorporated and registered. All copyrights and trademarks are reserved.
  • Planet Express trademarks can not be used in connection with any products or service that are not provided by Planet Express.
  • All contents, designs, software of Planet Express are copyrighted by Planet Express.
  • Planet Express reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • All pricing structures and shipping prices are reserved for our customers only. We reserve the right to close, block or shut down any accounts that are created by our competitors and its employees or affiliates.
  • At Planet Express, Fraud Protection is our top priority. We always protect the merchants as well as our customers against any fraudulence activity. Any fraudulent activity will be report to the appropriate law enforcement and the authority. If you believe you are or maybe a victim of a fraudulence activity, please contact us immediately.
  • As a Planet Express customer, you agree not to use our service for any illegal activities or any unlawful purposes.

Users Terms & Conditions.

  • Must use legal name, address, payment provider and legal information.
  • Must be over 18-year-old.
  • Must not use our service for any illegal activity or violate any law in your country or the USA.
  • All payments must be authorized by your own financial account. No third party payment allowed.
  • All packages are subjected to be abandoned after expiration of free storage time. All abandoned packages will be kept for additional short period of time and will be disposed via public auction or private auction.
  • All packages will be shipped via our available shipping methods in our shipping calculator only. No third party shipping method allowed.
  • All items for import & export must follow the rule and regulation provided by carriers and by US Custom & Border Protection, US Department of Commerce and Department of Homeland Security. If any item falls under prohibited item or restricted item, we will not export the items.
  • Annual and monthly Consolidated Plan will be refunded partially base on its usage and date of sign up.
  • We reserved the right to close or suspend any account at our own discretion due to fraudulence activity or any illegal activities. All illegal activities will be report to the USA authority and law enforcement.

Import & Export Terms & Condition

  • All items being exported or imported must meet the compliance of the US Department of Commerce, US Department of Homeland Security, US Custom Border Protection.
  • All items being export or imported must follow the regulation of our shipping carriers. If items do not meet the requirement or are considered Prohibited items, we will not be able to ship the items.
  • Any illegal contents, material and goods will be turned to the US authority and law enforcement for any needed investigation.
  • Planet Express is not responsible for any duty and tax subject to any package being export. It is a sole duty of the recipient to pay for the tax and duty of packages upon receiving in his/her country. All packages are sent as Delivery Duty Unpaid.
  • All packages are subjected to be inspected prior to export due to requirement of shipping carriers and US Custom Border Protection.
  • Any item or package that is over $2500 will need Electronic Export Information. Only FedEx and DHL will be able to send such value packages. Planet Express will assist the customer for Electronic Export Information (EEI), the fee is $40. Please contact our support for more info.

Prohibited / Restricted Items Terms & Condition

Below items are the universal and most common restricted or prohibited items.

  • Combustible, flammable items (gasoline, paints, oil etc.)
  • Pressurized cans, aerosol can products (hair spray, paint spray can etc.)
  • Hazardous materials and corrosive material (chemical, industrial chemical etc.)
  • Firearms, firearms parts & accessories, any items under the control of ITAR (ammunition, gun, scopes, military weapons & accessories, night vision goggles etc.)
  • Agriculture and produces (live or dead plants, animals, fur, fruits etc.)
  • Monetary items (coins, precious stones, cash, precious metal etc.)
  • Drugs (prescription drugs, illegal drugs of any form etc.)
  • Indecency items (pornography magazines, dvd, adult toys etc.)
  • Stand alone Lithium ion battery (PI965) is prohibited to be shipped by Planet Express. We can only ship items that contain Lithium Ion Battery (PI967) and items that packed with Lithium Ion Battery (PI966)
  • Certain restricted items like perfume or tobacco product can be export but will require additional documents. Please contact Planet Express support team if you’re unsure some items can be shipped or not.

Prohibited countries / Embargoed Countries

Below is the list of countries that we can’t provide our service to.

  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Cuba
  • Myanmar
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • Crimea
  • Libya
  • Our list of countries will be updated frequently in conjunction with the US Department of Homeland Security, US Custom Border Protection, and OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control).

Privacy Terms & Condition

  • All personal information including names, phone numbers, email and addresses that are provided to Planet Express will not be shared or disclosed to 3rd
  • Planet Express will only provide the contact information or shipping address to our carriers (which is our partners) for delivery of packages only, we do not sell or share your information with any other 3rd
  • When register with Planet Express, we protect all of your information on our secured database servers. Any profile pages that display your personal information are password-protected.
  • Planet Express does not save or store credit card numbers for security and privacy protection.
  • Any type of sharing account or selling your account information or other Planet Express customers information is prohibited. Violator will be suspended and won’t be able to use our service again.

Insurance & Claim Term & Condition

  • Insurance value for the package can’t be exceeded the actual value of the items. Custom declarations are used to determine the claim insurance value. Retailer actual invoice is required for all insurance and claims request including lost package during transit, in the warehouse, or damage & missing items.
  • Only for lost or non delivered package, cost of postage will be refund. For damage or not claimed packages, partial postage maybe refundable but not full postage cost.
  • Insurance does not cover for sentimental value items, collectible items, jewelry or precious stone, precious metal.


  • For “Not Entered Package Claim”
    • If a package is not entered into your account within 1-2 business days, file “Not Entered Package” claim.
    • Claim must be filed within 10 days of the package delivery date.


  • For “Lost or Damage Package during shipping”
    • FedEx-
      • Claim can be initiated after 10 day from the initial shipping date
      • Please allow 30-60 days after claim is filed for carrier to process
    • DHL-
      •  Claim can be initiated after 10 day from the initial shipping date
      • Please allow 30-60 days after claim is filed for carrier to process
    • USPS-
      • Claim can be initiated after 30 days from the initial shipping date
      • Please allow 30-60 days after claim is filed for carrier to process
    • Planet Mail-
      • Claim can be initiated after 30 days from the initial shipping date
      • Please allow 30-60 days after claim is filed for carrier to process