Shop For Me

A lot of US online retailers don’t accept foreign payments. This is a moment when we step in to help our customers. We can order the goods for you so you will be able to get them to your Planet Express address and then forward them to your country, for example, to Australia, the UK, Japan, Greece, Malaysia or anywhere else!

In the following rows, we are going to explain to you, how our Shop For Me service works. This service is also handy when you don’t want to take care of the whole order and you want to save some time.

Step 1: Log into your Account

To place a new shop for me order, please, log into your account, go to the Shop For Me tab and ADD NEW PURCHASE.

1 Shop For Me Tab
Shop for me tab in Planet Express administration

Step 2: Add the Goods you Want to Order

Now, make sure you fill in all the necessary details about the item you want to order (if you want to order more items, you can just repeat the process of adding a new item). We ordered Apple iPhone 11 Pro as an example:

2 Shop For Me New Item
Shopping list and adding a new item

Confirm adding a new item by clicking the ADD NEW ITEM button. It will appear in the Shopping list.

Step 3: Fill Additional Details about the Order

Once you add the items, complete the additional details about the store according to our example. If you have some valid vouchers/discount coupons, use the note field so our shoppers can use them.

Last, but not least, make sure you include the price of the shipping from the online store to our warehouse address and the sales tax* (usually, it is calculated when adding the item to your shopping cart in the online store). Finish the order with the FINISH ORDER button.

3 Shop For Me Finish Order
Additional information about the online store

Step 4: Pay for the Order and Wait

The status of your order is “created” now. The amount of the deposit that you have to add (so we can order the goods) you will see in the price field.

Tip: How to add the deposit?

4 Shop For Me Created
Shop for me order status created

If you want to see more detailed info about your shop for me order, click the EDIT button. We charge a $5 flat fee (for processing the order) and 7% of the total value of your order (to cover eventual banking fees).

5 Shop For Me Details
Details of your shop for me order

Step 5: Wait for the Delivery

Once we receive your payment, our shoppers will process your order usually within 2 business days. The status of your shop for me order will change to “awaiting packages” when the items will be ordered from the store.

When we receive your package, it will be added to your account and you will get the notification email. The final status of the shop for me order is “completed”.