Shop For Me

  1. Go to your account DashBoard > the Shop For Me tab > New Purchase > Add items to the shopping list including name, items option like size or color or any unique options > copy the URL of the item and put in the URL link > put the price of the items and quantity you’d like to order. Click ADD NEW ITEM to save it.
  2. On Shop information, you can add in the site‘s name and URL of the site. On the Note option, you can add in the Coupon code you have or discount code you have, anything you’d want us to know to make sure the order is correct. 
  3. Additional Charges: On this part, you’ll need to add in the shipping cost or tax if the site you’re buying from charges. If you do not have that information go ahead and set it at $0. Once we make the order and they do have charges then we will edit the request and you will have to confirm the changes on your end.
  4. Click FINISH ORDER, then add the deposit to cover the cost and we will be able to fulfill your order.

Once the request is ordered the status will change to saying “Awaiting Packages”. If you need any updates please feel free to contact us and provide your SFM number and let us know which warehouse you placed the request at.