Bolivian WhatsApp Group

We are still working on improving our service and we are trying to be more close to our customers. That is the reason why we are working on multilanguage customer support. So we would like to introduce you a new way of customer support for Bolivian customers – WhatsApp group.

Thanks to our WhatsApp group, you can contact our colleague in Spanish, who will be able to answer you on all your questions about shipping of packages from USA to Bolivia. So if you are not sure about how package forwarding via Planet Express works, just contact our support via WhatsApp group.

How To Join The Group

The group is called “Planet Express Bolivia”. It’s super easy to join us. Just click on the link below:

Who Is Our Bolivian Customer Support

Our new colleague who is ready to help you with all question, is L Miguel Tangara Vilches. He is going to do his best to provide you the best customer support 🙂 . Also if you want to contact him via email, his email is [email protected] .