New Fedex Shipping Rates

Since we send more and more packages everyday, we are able to negotiate better rates from the carriers. That’s something what we was wondering about when we have launched Planet Express. To be able to get better shipping rates. And now it’s happening! 🙂

Yesterday we have signed a new contract with Fedex. Thanks to it we got much more better pricing for all Fedex shipping methods. That includes Ground and Express Saver for domestic shipping. For international shipping it’s Fedex International Priority and Economy. The new shipping rates are about 35% cheaper!!! 🙂 

So when you will mail out your next package using by Fedex, you can save a lot of money. In some cases, Fedex is around the same price range like USPS.  The best thing is that Fedex is much faster than USPS. Also with Fedex you can full tracking which is updated very often. So you see where your package is.

Shipping rates has been already updated in our shipping calculator and our app. So no action is required and you can start enjoying our super cheap Fedex shipping! 🙂

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