Privacy Policy

  • All personal information including names, phone numbers, email and addresses that are provided to Planet Express will not be shared or disclosed to 3rd
  • Planet Express will only provide the contact information or shipping address to our carriers (which is our partners) for delivery of packages only, we do not sell or share your information with any other 3rd
  • When register with Planet Express, we protect all of your information on our secure database servers. Any profile pages that display your personal information are password-protected.
  • Planet Express does not save or store credit card numbers for security and privacy protection.
  • Any type of sharing an account or selling your account information or other Planet Express customer’s information is prohibited. The violator will be suspended and won’t be able to use our service again.
  • Report about data which we store about customers (names, addresses, email, phone numbers) can be sent to our customer per his or her request.
  • The customer can completely delete the Planet Express account including all stored data.