Report Fraud

Planet Express is a company that provides mail/package forwarding services to international customers from all over the world. Unfortunately over the last couple of years there has been an increased number of con artists who use online marketplaces such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace to commit deceitful activities. These fraudulent practices usually share the same goal – attempting to get sellers to ship their packages before they receive a payment for it. Please always make sure you received a payment for your package before shipping it.

At Planet Express we have zero tolerance for fraudulent activity. If you have been a victim of fraud please use the form below to report it. We always respond to fraud alerts the same day. If you act fast enough we might be able to help you to intercept your package and return it to you. Sadly if you realize too late that you haven’t received a payment for your goods it might be too late to do anything, especially if the package has left the USA. You should also try to contact the carrier you used to ship the package – inform them you’ve been a victim of a fraud, ask them to stop the package and return it to you.

The most important information you can provide us is the tracking number of your package  and the suite the package was shipped too (the suite is an identifier that starts with a letter and ends in 4 numbers.). With this information we will be able to verify the location of the package and make sure it returns to you if possible. Also please provide us with as much information as possible about the person who tried to have you shipped the package without a proper payment – this will enable us to block their account with us which means they will never be able to use our services again.

Please stay alert and be safe while using online marketplaces.