5 Stores Where to Buy the Best Ice Hockey Equipment

We have prepared 5 tips for the US online stores where to buy ice hockey equipment. If your pants are breaking, your hockey stick is broken, or your helmet is broken, keep reading. In American stores, this equipment can often be found for better prices than anywhere in the world. And, as a bonus, the latest models are available here much sooner than in other countries.

Where to buy ice hockey equipment
Where To Buy Ice Hockey Equipment in the US?

“But I have to pay for the shipping and customs duties!” Yes, you are right. However, shopping in the US from some countries may pay off, especially if you look at sales and actions of some online stores listed below. There is even no international shipping to some countries, so you can use our package forwarding service to have your parcel forwarded. You can also impress your teammates with the latest edition.

Note: Some of the following stores may offer international shipping, but not to all countries. At the same time, some products cannot be shipped internationally due to the manufacturer’s requirements, so your order may be canceled.

1. Bauer.com

Bauer.com Website

In addition to CCM, Bauer is one of the best-known manufacturers of hockey equipment. But did you know that the official online store in the US does not ship across the ocean? However, you can conveniently overpass this restriction with our US address where you can have your products shipped, and we will then forward it to your home.

2. PureHockey.com

PureHockey.com Website

At PureHockey you will find the equipment of the largest brands (CCM, Bauer, Warrior) and even less popular brands. Of course, you can get the latest pieces here and PureHockey also discounts selected products.

3. IceWarehouse.com

IceWarehouse.com Website

We have to particularly appreciate IceWarehouse’s detailed descriptions, as well as product reviews on their YouTube channel. Before purchasing, you will get enough information about whether to buy the product or not.

4. DiscountHockey.com

DiscountHockey.com Website

The name DiscoutHockey quite well describes the offer of this online store. You will find a lot of discounts on products from previous seasons. So if you do not mind riding last year’s model of skates, you can find the best offers right here.

5. CCM

CCM.com Website

Did you think we forgot about CCM? No way! Although CCM works with hundreds of distributors from around the world, if your country isn’t on their list, our services may be useful.

Would you like to continue shopping, but you don’t know what? Read more tips on our blog.