After a few weeks since launch we already provide 4 shipping methods which are:

  • USPS Priority
  • USPS Express
  • Planet Mail Economy
  • Planet Mail Priority

To see our shipping rates just use the shipping calculator on our homepage. There you can do an easy comparison of our rates with the others. For example shipping of 2 lbs package to the Czech Republic costs only $13.93 with Planet Mail Economy or $35.79 with USPS Express. That makes our rates one of the best on the market!

This week we are going to introduce you new shipping method – FedEx Economy and FedEx Priority. We can’t wait! 🙂


Shipping Calculator - Current Shipping Methods
Article Name
Shipping Calculator - Current Shipping Methods
What are the current shipping methods offered by Planet Express? We are working with USPS and we will introduce another carrier. Can you guess, which one?
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Planet Express
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