We always want to save shipping cost for our customers. Consolidation is the best way to save money and we suggest you should give it a try. We can save your postage cost from 60 to 80% compare to sending shipments individually in their original packaging.

Here’s an example below.

One of our customer in Austria needed us to send 3 packages to them. The total cost of shipping 3 packages to Austria without any consolidation would have been $184 via FedEx International Economy.


We suggested our customer to do consolidation for better saving. We opened each box  and combined all items into one box. The retail packaging of all items were kept.




After the consolidation, the shipping cost was $114 via FedEx including consolidation fee for 3 packages. This is a saving of 62% compare to original cost of $184.

If you have more than one packages to send, we highly recommend consolidating all packages together for best saving.

Your Package, Our Mission!

Consolidation Saves Money!
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Consolidation Saves Money!
Consolidation is the best way how to save on shipping. Simply we put more packages into one box and thanks to that, you can save up to 70% on shipping. Start sending consolidated packages from the USA today.
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Planet Express
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