We Extended The Free Storage For Our Premium Mail Box Plan

Sometimes you need to store your packages at our warehouse for some time. For example, when you wait for other packages because of consolidation or in case you just want to receive your package later. At Planet Express, there are two plans (Free Mail Box and Premium Mail Box).

Free Mail Box plan has 10 days of free storage, the Premium Mail Box plan has 30 days of free storage. Then we charge only $0.01 per/lbs per day which is like nothing. But because we want to offer you the best package forwarding on the market, we have some good news for you.

Since today, you have 45 free days of free storage with your Premium Mail Box plan! ? This affects all new packages which we enter into your account since today. You can upgrade your plan directly in your Planet Express account anytime.

We hope that you will enjoy this new function. We are also working on some new updates which are going to do our service much more user-friendly and cheaper than never before! ?

Update: Our plans have been renamed to Free Mail Box and Premium Mail Box