10 Facts About Halloween You May Not Know

Window sills, backyards and gardens begin to be decorated with precisely carved pumpkins, motives of witches, black cats, ghosts, skeletons… and other traditional symbols. Slowly we can enjoy the real Halloween atmosphere. Halloween is celebrated on October 31 in many places around the world, especially in English-speaking countries. This holiday occasionally uses some stores (Kohl’s, Disney Shop, HalloweenCostumes.com, The Home Depot …) offering discount codes through discount portals.

halloween 2018
Halloween is celebrated on 31. October.

10 Interesting Facts About Halloween

#1 – Many people think Halloween originated in the US, but that’s not true. Halloween tradition has been transferred here from Ireland.

#2 – Halloween belongs to one of the oldest holidays ever. Its roots go back to the times of celts (2000 years ago).

#3 – Cities like Massachusetts, Salem, and Anoka call themselves as “a Halloween capital of the world”.

#4 – The heaviest pumpkin ever grown weighted more than 2600 lbs.

halloween 2018 pumpkin
A pumpkin weighting more than 2600 lbs is really a HUGE thing!

#5 – It is prohibited to dress like a priest during Halloween in Alabama (US).

#6 – Are you scared of Halloween? You may have semhainophobia.

#7 – Trick or treat – is an allegedly Celtic tradition. They hid treats and food in their gardens to summon spirits. The first use of “trick or treat” in print, however, dates back to 1927.

#8 – If you want to see a witch during Halloween, wear your clothes inside out according to ancient folk tradition.

#9 – The largest Halloween parade – Halloween Village Parade – takes place in New York City.

#10 – Medieval Europeans thought that when an owl calls, somebody dies.

halloween 2018 owl
Do you believe in superstitions?