Recapitulation Of The Year 2017

It has been a while since our last post but it was because of Christmas season which was very busy. In this article, we would like to recapitulate year 2017 because this year is when Planet Express Shipping was born. 🙂 So what happened in 2017?

We launched Planet Express in June 2017. We are still a newbie, We guess that we are still the youngest package forwarding company on the market. Anyway as this website mentioned we are very determined in climbing the ladder quickly, Since launch, we made a couple graphics changes.


We have updated our logo which is now modern and looks much better.

old logo
Old Logo






New Logo





Our webpage design is also all new. Now we do some testing and we will prepare updated design this year. The new design will be much more user-friendly and better optimized for smartphones.


We started with an empty warehouse. After 7 months our warehouse is full of packages which makes us very motivated to continue working.

empty warehouse
Empty Warehouse


Packages At Warehouse
Packages At Warehouse

Around June we were mail outing just a couple packages per day. Now it’s much more 🙂

mail outed packages
Ready For Mail Out

Reviews Of Planet Express

Because we have already satisfied customers we are getting some reviews which keep us very motivated to improve our service. We are open to any of your suggestion what to improve. So please if you have any suggestion, just let us know. We will be very thankful 🙂

Planet Express Trust Pilot

Plans For 2018

We have a lot of plans for this year. There are just some points what we are working on:

Thank you so much for your support in 2017! 🙂