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Unlock Savings with Planet Express: Your Sales Tax-Free Shopping Solution in Oregon and Florida


In a world where online shopping has become an integral part of our lives, finding ways to maximize savings is paramount. Whether you’re a savvy shopper or a business owner looking to optimize costs, Planet Express is here to help with your shopping experience. With strategically located warehouses in Oregon and Florida, we offer a unique advantage – sales tax-free shopping for our Premium members. Let’s dive into how Planet Express can help you unlock savings through our Oregon and Florida locations.


The Sales Tax Advantage: Sales tax can often catch shoppers off-guard, adding an unexpected percentage to your total purchase. However, with Planet Express, you can say goodbye to those pesky extra charges. Our warehouse in Oregon is strategically located in a state with no sales tax, which means you’ll pay only the listed price for your items. Our warehouse in Florida offers a Certificate of Freight Forwarding Agent provided by the Florida Department of Revenue for sales tax exemption.
Transparent Pricing: At Planet Express, transparency is a core value. We understand the importance of knowing exactly what you’re paying for. Our sales tax-free shopping option ensures that the price you see is the price you pay, without any hidden fees. This clarity empowers you to make informed purchasing decisions and allocate your budget more effectively.
User-Friendly Forwarding Process: Our user-friendly forwarding process makes it incredibly easy to take advantage of sales tax-free shopping. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up: Create an account with Planet Express and receive your dedicated US address.
  2. Shop: Browse your favorite online stores and have your purchases delivered to your Planet Express address.
  3. Choose a Warehouse: Select our Oregon or Florida warehouse for shipping – both sales tax-free!
  4. Consolidate: We’ll consolidate your items into a single package to save on shipping costs.
  5. Ship Globally: Enjoy global shipping to your doorstep.



Planet Express is your gateway to sales tax-free shopping in the United States. With strategically located warehouses in Oregon and Florida, we offer a unique opportunity to maximize your savings whether you’re an individual shopper or a business owner. Say goodbye to surprise fees and hello to transparent, cost-effective shopping. Join Planet Express today and unlock a world of savings like never before. Your wallet will thank you!



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