Shipping from Walmart Internationally

For international customers, purchasing items from U.S. retailers like Walmart can often present challenges due to shipping restrictions and high costs. Thankfully, we have an easy and affordable solution to this problem. In this blog post, we’ll explore how package forwarders like ourselves can help in shipping items from Walmart to international addresses, making global shopping a breeze.

1. Overcoming Shipping Restrictions:

One of the most significant obstacles international shoppers face when purchasing from Walmart is that they may limit shipping to certain countries. We bridge this gap by providing U.S. addresses that customers can use as their delivery location.

2. Consolidation and Cost Savings:

International shipping costs can be exorbitant, especially when dealing with multiple packages from different retailers. We offer a fantastic solution by consolidating several purchases into one shipment. Consolidations not only reduces costs but also minimizes the risk of packages getting lost in transit.

3. Repackaging and Reduced Weight:

Walmart may use excessive packaging that contributes to higher shipping costs. We provide a service to repack items, removing unnecessary bulk and reducing the overall dimensions and weight of the package. This process can lead to additional cost savings on international shipping.

4. Package Inspection and Repackaging:

Photos of the contents of incoming packages can be requested to inspect the items for any damage or defects. We can also provide repackaging services to ensure the products are well-protected before being shipped internationally. This extra step ensures that customers receive their items in excellent condition, fostering trust and confidence in the package forwarding process.

5. Personal Shopper Services:

For customers who struggle with navigating U.S. websites or dealing with language barriers, we offer personal shopper services, Shop for Me. This means our team can help customers purchase items from Walmart on their behalf, streamlining the entire purchase process.


Package forwarders like ourselves have revolutionized the way international customers shop from U.S. retailers like Walmart, removing the barriers that once made cross-border shopping challenging. By providing U.S. addresses, consolidating shipments, repackaging items, and offering personal shopper services, we make the process of shipping items from Walmart to international addresses seamless and affordable. Thanks to these innovative services, shoppers worldwide can now access a vast selection of products and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.

If you’re an international shopper looking to access the vast range of products offered by Walmart and other U.S. retailers, consider using our services.

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