The Boom of Amazon Fulfillment

Selling products on Amazon had become the fastest-growing E-commerce trend. Everyone wants to sell on Amazon but not realizing how to maximize their profit as Amazon Fulfillment Service had become very expensive.

Many of our fulfillment customers let us know Amazon increased its prices recently and left the seller with very little profit. At Planet Express, we’ll help you to maximize the profit while selling on the Amazon marketplace with our Fulfillment Service that we have.

You can send us your items; store them here with us as we charge the lowest storage fee. Then we’ll prepare all of the items to meet with Amazon’s requirement and send the goods to the Amazon Fulfillment warehouse as requested. Whether it’s re-barcoded, repack, labeling and bagging, separate items into different SKU, we do it all.

We save our customers a lot of money by offering low storage fees, low-cost pick & pack fees, low cost for re-barcode, labeling, and preparing your items to meet with Amazon Fulfillment requirement.

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