USPS To Bolivia Is Working Again

We have good news for all Bolivian customers. USPS started delivering to Bolivia again! Now the following shipping methods are available to Bolivia:

  • USPS Express
  • Planet Mail Express

So if you have a package at our warehouse, you can send it. It’s also possible that your package is still on the way or has been returned to us. Here is what you can do.

The package was returned to Planet Express

Some packages were returned from Bolivia to Planet Express. In that case, you have to pay for shipping again because the Bolivian postal office declined to give us a refund for the postage.

The package was NOT returned to Planet Express

In this case, you have just to wait. Your package is on the way to Bolivia and no action is required from you. You should receive it soon.

Please understand that the delivery process is slow now because the Bolivian post office is delivering packages that were stuck at their warehouses for weeks. We hope that situation will be normal in a few weeks and because of the update of the Bolivian system, delivery will be faster. To get shipping rates to Bolivia, please use our calculator. If you have any questions, just let us know.

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