How Planet Mail Economy & Express Works

Planet Mail is the cheapest shipping method that Planet Express offers. It is shipped by USPS – national postal office and it is an ideal shipping method for small and cheap packages where long delivery time is not a problem. There are two Planet Mail options:

  • Planet Mail Express
  • Planet Mail Economy

Planet Mail Express

The delivery time of this shipping method is around 17-25 business days depending on the country of delivery. For some countries (like countries in Europe), the delivery time is just around 7 business days!

planet mail express
Planet Mail Express

Planet Mail Express offers basic tracking from our warehouse to the destination country. Once the package is delivered to the destination country, you will see a new tracking info update. This is going to be the last tracking update. Then you can expect that the package will be delivered in another couple of days. The tracking looks like this:

Planet Mail tracking
Planet Mail Express tracking info

Note: Planet Mail Economy is no longer available.

Planet Mail Economy

Planet Mail Economy is our cheapest shipping method with a delivery time of up to 30 business days. Again, it depends on the country where a package is being delivered.

planet mail economy
Planet Mail Economy

In comparison with Planet Mail Express, Planet Mail Economy method is around 35 % cheaper. It is because this shipping method has no tracking, so it is ideal for very cheap packages that you don’t need to get delivered fast.

Size & Weight Limits

Planet Mail is suitable for small packages only. The limits for these methods are the following and are the same for every country:

Max Weight: 4.3 lbs
Max Lenght: 24 inches.
Max Overall Size*: 36 inches

*Max Overall Size is counted as L+W+H.


This shipping method does not include insurance, but you can pay for it during the mailout process. The price of insurance is based on the destination country and the value of the package. The insurance covers damage or loss of the package. So in case, that package would get lost, you get a full refund of the value of the package (based on commercial invoice) + all fees paid to Planet Express + price of the shipping.

Shipping Rates

To get shipping rates for your package, use our postage calculator tool. If the Planet Mail methods are not available, it is probably because of the size & weight limits explained above.

Planet Mail FAQ

? How much does Planet Mail cost?

The price of the shipping with Planet Mail Economy and Planet Mail Express depends on the weight and dimensions of your package and the country of the delivery.
You can calculate the exact price for your package using our postage calculator.

⏱ How long does it take to deliver Planet Mail?

Planet Mail Economy takes up to 30 business days to deliver.
Planet Mail Express takes around 25 business days to deliver but to some countries (especially in Europe) the delivery time is much shorter.

✅ Are there some Planet Mail limits?

Yes, Planet Mail has its limits. You have to keep in mind that it is suitable for small packages only:

Max Weight: 4.3 lbs
Max Lenght: 24 inches.
Max Overall Size: 36 inches (L+W+H)

If your package exceeds the limits, you can still take advantage of Planet Express services. Feel free to use our postage calculator to find the shipping method that suits you best.

? Does Planet Mail offer package tracking updates?

Planet Mail Express does offer limited tracking updates to the country of delivery.
Planet Mail Economy has no tracking.