The Best Funko Pop Collections And Influencers To Watch in 2020

There are tens of thousands of collectors out there that have huge Funko Pop collections. But only a few of them are present on social media like Instagram and YouTube. Which of them are worth watching? We asked the question to ourselves and start research… and this is the result. We are bringing you more than 20 Instagram profiles about Funko Pops worth following, and some YouTube channels too (if you prefer video over pictures).

These influencers will provide you with great ideas on how to showcase your pops, what pops to collect, tips and tricks on collecting, and much more! Make sure you check them all. Every collector from our selection has its own unique style. So enough talking, let’s dive into the world of Funko Pop influencers!

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The Best Funko Pop Collections and Influencers on Instagram

We did not take into account how many followers the individual profiles have. The quality of pictures and concept was more important for us. The following Funko Pop collections are one of the best out there.


Carla owns the complete collection of Harry Potter’s wizard world, heroes of the Fantastic Beasts, figures of various Disney movies, characters of stories from Pixar Animation Studios and many more. Follow this precious collection and maybe you will be the lucky one, that will get one of her “giveaway” figures!


Melanie is a big fan of Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney, and DC raises the exceptional collection of the figures from all of these worlds. Share the joy of every new Funko Pop figure with her on her delicious Instagram profile!


Chris captures his figures in action and it feels like the heroes of our favorite shows live their little Funko Pop lives in the forest, on the streets, or in the water! Check this remarkable Instagram profile and the rare collection of Funko Pop figures.


Princesses, creatures, animals, and all other heroes of the Disney World all in one place. Regina writes the own story of these more than 850 Funko Pop figures and it is just perfect. See for yourself on her profile!

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Lovely families from the best fairytales or fictitious stories can bring back also your nostalgic memories. This collector shares these charming Funko Pop creatures in their own world at her place.


Marvel, Pixar or Disney movies and also favorite shows such as Game of Thrones or the Office – each of them at their deserved place at the shelf. Watch the stories of your favorite heroes on this Funko Pop lover profile.


Ashoka, Captain Marvel, Star Wars but also heroes of the best Disney stories have been photographed in the most magical environment ever! Feels like these Funko Pop figures are exactly where they supposed to be.


Charlotte is a huge Harry Potter lover, who has her own Hogwarts at home! Thanks to her the adventures of our favorite wizards never end. Watch the stories of these heroes on this magical profile!


This collector captures pictures of the creatures of Lord Of The Rings, Game Of Thrones or Fantastic Beasts in the most realistic environment. The shots are so awesome you have to check them all!


The collection that would envy every Potterhead just brings you back to the wizarding world. Sabrina captures the Funko Pop figures in exceptional positions in different environments and the pictures are just magic!


This game and fantasy lover with more than 520 Funko Pop figures will pull you into her own world that definitely worth it. Check the collection of Dragon Ball, Naruto, Sailor Moon, and others on this profile!


On this profile, you can find Funko Pop figures of Disney princesses, fairies or strong heroines and heroes from your favorite stories captured in lovely pictures. How great are those girls’ characters!


All of these magical creatures you wish you (never) met, you can now admire safely at these pictures – the shots make them look really wonderful. You won’t miss also the figures of the shows such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Alice in the Wonderland neither!


Another Potterhead, catch the atmosphere of the wizarding world in a really extraordinary magical way. Various lovely pictures not only of characters from the Harry Potter series but also from the story of Fantastic Beasts.


This book lover approaches the beloved stories to the reality with the impersonation of the characters through Funko Pop figures. Get know the stories and their characters on the awesome Klaudias profile.


The adventures of Naruto, Himiko Toga or Manga captured in the pictures from Kris of his Funko Pop figures. Check their stories at the profile of this collector!


At the profile of Ashley, you can find the Funko Pop figures of Pokémon, dragons, and wolves from fairytales and shows you must know. Check these awesome pictures!


Kirsty collects not only all kinds of books but also the figures of their characters. These pictures make these stories come true! See for yourself.


Collection of all kinds of Funko Pop figures from Winnie The Pooh and Donald Duck to Iron Man and Game of Thrones captured in a really original way. No more words needed!


Can you guess the character? Figures from Frozen, Big Hero 6, Inside Out and many more you can find on this profile! Check it out.


Another fantasy lover who filled her profile with figures of great stories such as Harry Potter or Game of Thrones captured in a really original way.

Adventures of Marvel heroes, Star Wars or Mortal Kombat never ends also thanks to this profile full of warriors! Have a look.


Another profile full of brave heroes from worlds of fantasy. Check the pictures of this adventure lover and fall in love with these stories as well!


Lovely characters of Disney movies or big stories such as Lord of the Ring or Game of Thrones all in one place. Enjoy it with Victoria at her awesome profile!


Selected creatures such as Demogorgon from Stranger Things, Alien or Wendy & Abigail and much more carefully shot in the various environments by collector Ivan. Share the joy of the Funko Pop figures with him on his awesome profile.


Another book lover, who likes to create her own stories with the beloved heroes and characters and externalize them through her Funko Pop figures. Check her ideas on her lovely profile!

Funko Pop YouTube Channels Worth Watching

We promised you a few Funko Pop influencers from YouTube too at the beginning of this article. Here they are!

Box Attack!

Enjoy the unboxing of the new Anti-Venom, Captain America or Avengers FunkoPop figures, check the collection of the most valuable grail or watch the reaction for first Funko Pop figures. You definitely won’t be bored watching this channel!

Top Pops

Watch the most expensive figures of this collector, enjoy the unboxing with him, or accept one of his challenges through these funny and original videos. Every Funko Pop lover will love it!

Colossal Collectibles

Check the great collection of these two kids and share the moments with Colossal Collectibles. They make videos about Funko Pops, The Marvel Cinematics Universe, and the DC Cinematic Universe. They upload videos every Monday and they also upload bonus videos throughout the week.

Wasatch Pop

Watch the trending or hunting Funko Pop figures, see the most wanted ones, see where you can get them or what you should know if you want to collect them – this all and lot more at this awesome YouTube channel!

Dr. Applesauce

Get some tricks and tips from this Funko Pop collector that will help you recognize fake and real Funk Pop figures, recommend some protectors or discuss every hot-topic of the Fanko Pop fandom! Check it out!