Refresh Your Memories With Homesick Candles

Do you always wanted to experience the adventures of the United States and feel the atmosphere of the culture? Or did you spend great times on the road trip through states and want to feel the touch of the freedom again? Or maybe you grew up on the American streets with your friends and now, living abroad, you want to remind the good old days. Today, thanks to special Homesick candles you have a chance to smell the scent of your childhood, flowers on the streets, summer nights under magnolia trees or home of your friend again.

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Why Are the Homesick Candles Special?

Each country, each city, and each memory is different. And especially, these in America are special! Homesick tried to capture the atmosphere of some of them and now you can just close your eyes and appear back at your beloved places again with just a simple scented candle. The light of these candles will heat your heart. Now you can have a piece of America with you anywhere in the world. Besides, they are made with an all-natural soy wax blend, hand-poured in the USA and endure eternity.

What Cities Candles You Ought To Try?

Thanks to Homesick, today you can smell the scent of various US states or lovely memories. Let us introduce you also the essence of some of the cities that will please your sense of smell:

San Francisco

“If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair…” And also be ready to walk through the sunny streets full of street art, freedom and smell of the coffee, along the ocean coast with the sound of waves under the hard sun; and don’t miss the drive through the clouds in the shadow of Golden Gate. Here you can still feel the atmosphere left behind by Beat generation with their great ideas.

The ones who visited this city will never forget the freedom of this magic place and not a few would like to put this feeling into dose and bring it with them. Well, even though you can’t have a dose of feelings, thanks to Homesick, you can have the scent of San Francisco in your room on the other side of the world now.

Homesick Candle San Francisco
Homesick Candle San Francisco (source:

Notes of Coffee and Chocolate supplemented by the scent of Sea, Iris, Clove, and Musk takes you back to the coast of Golden City, with fresh coffee in your hand and wind in your hair.


The city famous as a birthplace of life can’t be forgotten. Not only the Brotherly Love will fill your heart, but it will also awake the love towards the delicious food, the joy from friend’s laugh reflecting from the walls of old streets and the desire for summer nights in the park. Long walks between fragrant flowers in the Longwood Gardens make you feel like in paradise. The spirit of the Independence and freedom in the air would ring even Liberty Bell.

The place of the beginnings of American history may be the place of the beginning of your own life as well, and you definitely want to keep the part of this place with you.

Homesick Candle Philadelphia
Homesick Candle Philadelphia (source:

Heliotrope Flower mixed with Fresh Citron, Sweet Tonka, Musk and Vanilla Flower brings you to the old Philly’s streets full of sweet smells from Italian bakeries, the American spirit, and dream life.

New York City

Do you want to wake up again in The City That Never Sleeps? Who wouldn’t want to spend another long night laughing, chatting and dancing on the roof of New York City’s apartment? Only in this city, you can feel the atmosphere of theater evenings on Broadway Avenue in Manhattan. The Statue of Liberty welcomes you from a distance on the edge of the ocean. You feel great, even though you might feel a bit small when you walk into the shadow of the Empire State Building, which only underlines the magnificence of this city. There is no better feeling than spending spring afternoons in Central Park with your beloved friends. The sound of the rush on Wall Street that awakes the energy of the Big Apple comes to you from distance.

Even though your dream City is distant for you now, you can revive your memories and atmosphere of the metropolis through the New York City candle.

Homesick Candle New York City
Homesick Candle New York City (source:

Thanks to note of Bergamot, Lemon and Grapefruit with the hint of Floral, Concrete, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, and Musk, you have a chance to smell the distinctive scents of spring days in Central Park in the offing department stores and the energy of the greatest city on earth will flow through your body.

Los Angeles

Imagine getting in the car, driving down the 101 Route, and getting to that place where the Hollywood sign appears. Then you get the coffee, walk through Downtown where high-rise buildings are towering over you. Would you walk down Sunset Boulevard, smelling the floral scent from Beverly Hills or would you rather spend the day under the sun at the Santa Monica beach?

On the way home, after the magic night with your beloved ones, you can smell the rose bushes growing beside houses and the scent of the summer full of night-blooming jasmine, laughs, and memories.

Homesick Candle Los Angeles
Homesick Candle Los Angeles (source:

The fragrance of the Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, and Coffee mixed with a touch of Jasmine, Rose and Ylang can take you back at the place, where clean sea breeze blow through the trees of the San Fernando Valley’s hills and the floral bouquet smells in the neighborhoods of the City of Angeles.

What other smells you can buy?

Homesick offers you many other smells divided into these categories:


  • Alaska candle
  • Colorado candle
  • Florida candle
  • Georgia candle
  • Hawaii candle
  • Massachusetts candle
  • Nebraska candle
  • Ohio candle
  • Texas candle
  • Wisconsin candle and many more…


  • Love candle
  • New Home candle
  • Grandma’s kitchen candle
  • Road Trip candle
  • Library candle
  • Summer Camp candle
  • New Job candle
  • First Kiss candle and many more…


  • Boston candle
  • Chicago candle
  • Denver candle
  • Las Vegas candle
  • Long Island candle
  • Miami candle
  • New Orleans candle
  • San Diego candle
  • Seattle candle
  • Washington D.C. candle and many more…


  • Australia candle
  • Brasil candle
  • Canada candle
  • China candle
  • France candle
  • India candle
  • Mexico candle
  • United Kingdom candle
  • USA candle

How to Get International Shipping for Homesick Candles?

Currently (April 2020), doesn’t offer shipping to all countries for its candles. The question is, how can you get them to yours? If you live in Middle Europe, Australia, India or wherever you can take advantage of our US package forwarding service. We will safely deliver your piece of memories to you within a few days. Let us explain to you how does it work in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Get the Free US Address

Getting your own US address is really simple. Sign up for free on our website. Fill in a few details about you and add a strong password. You receive our activation email to confirm your email address. To make sure, your account works properly, add the $5 deposit, that you can use towards your first order. Watch our tutorial on how to activate your account.

Step 2: Order Candles at Homesick

At the Homesick website, choose the candle you wished to have – for example, Oregon or Los Angeles candle, so you can smell the scent of the places where our warehouses are located. Add the product to the card and check it out.

Homesick Products
Choose the Products and Proceed to Check Out (click to enlarge)

Fill in your US address that you can find in your Planet Express account, make a payment and finish your Homesick candle order. Wait a few days till your package arrives at our warehouse, which appears in your account (and you also get a notification email). We will take 2 free pictures of the package for you and you can also request pictures of the content. Thanks to that you can find out if the candle is broken or not.

Homesick Delivery Address
Fill In Planet Express Address At (click to enlarge)

Step 3: Ship Your Order to Your Country

Now you are only a few steps from having your order at the door of your house. Fill in the customs declaration so the customs office will be able to know what your package contains. Now you can Mail your package Out. Select the delivery address, the delivery method and leave the rest on us. A few days later you can light your Homesick candle on and make yourself a home.

How Much Does the Shipping Cost?

If you would like to ship the Homesick candle for example to Austria the shipping price would be between $25 – $71. For Australia, the price would move between $33 – $70 and for India $23 – $41. The shipping cost of your package depends on the dimensions and shipping method you choose. You can get the price with our Postage Calculator.