Where to Buy Top Quality Bath Towels in 2020? [With Examples]

Getting a good quality towel is not an easy task. Shops are flooded with poor quality towels. Then it is really difficult to find quality ones. That’s why we have tips for the top 9 towels from the US stores for you.

Table of Contents

  • What you Should Consider While Buying a New Towel
  • 9 Best Bath Towels According to Planet Express
    • Soft Towels Brooklinen
    • Extra Large Towels
    • Hydrocotton Towel Nordstrom
    • Colorful Towels by SWAN
    • Egypt Cotton Towel
    • Waffle Towel by Parachute
    • Minimalist Towel
    • Fieldcrest Towels
    • AmazonBasics

What you Should Consider While Buying a New Towel

If you want to buy a new towel, you should consider a few things. For most people price, absorbency and quick-drying are important. You can also consider the material, origin, feeling from the material, color, pattern, etc.

Make sure what attributes are important for you. You will save some time while searching for the towel that suits your needs. There are dozens of thousands of different types of towels so it can take a lot of time to find the right one. But, we did the work for you! We selected the best 9 of them that are worth it!

9 Best Bath Towels According to Planet Express

We are sure that everyone chooses from our selection because it’s very diverse. We selected some budget options and also luxury towels, as well as a few pieces from the middle class.

Soft Towels Brooklinen (2 pcs set) [$69, Brooklinen.com]

Wiping in a soft towel after a hot shower when your pores are stretched out, is not only pleasant but a soft towel also protects your skin. Therefore, we recommend considering “Super-Fine” towels from Brooklinen.

brooklinen towels
Brooklinen Towels

PROS: Very pleasant material
CONS: Higher price, not so absorbent

Extra Large Towels (4pcs set) [$34, Amazon.com]

If you are a bigger figure, you will appreciate a large towel in which you can cover yourself. Extra-large towels (76×137 cm) from Cotton Craft are available in 10 colors and will do the work.

amazon huge towels
Cotton Crat Towels

PROS: Large dimensions, comfortable material, the price per piece
CONS: Lower quality, may lose its color

Hydrocotton Towel Nordstrom [$29, Nordstrom.com]

These soft and absorbent towels are among the best-rated towels at Nordstrom.com. Thousands of customers have liked them and you can order them in several colors.

nordstrom towel
Nordstrom Towel

PROS: Lower price, good material, very absorbent
CONS: None

Colorful Towels by SWAN [$14, Amazon.com]

If you are tired of pastel and earthy colors, SWAN towels that combine several bright colors are the way to go.

amazon swan towel
SWAN Towel

PROS: Lots of different colors, good absorbency, quick-drying
CONS: Too thin, may lose shape

Egypt Cotton Towel (2pcs set) [$33, Walmart.com]

If you like quality material, we recommend reaching for Egyptian wool towels (900g/m2). They are available in nearly 20 different colors so you can easily match them to your bathroom design.

walmart egypt cotton towel
Walmart Egypt Cotton Towels

PROS: Quality and comfortable material, high weight per square meter
CONS: Long drying

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Waffle Towel by Parachute [$25–$128, ParachuteHome.com]

If you are bored by the ordinary towels without any idea, make sure you grab this one. Its unique waffle pattern and luxurious feel is definitely something you appreciate.

parachute waffle towel
Parachute Waffle Towel

PROS: Fast drying, unusual design
CONS: Higher price

Minimalist Towel [from $23, Amazon.com]

Travelers, especially backpackers, often appreciate if things don’t take up much space and are lightweight. That’s why we found the Packtowl Microfiber Towel available in different sizes and colors.

backcountry minimalist towel
Backcountry Minimalistic Towels

PROS: Highly portable, low weight
CONS: None

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Fieldcrest Towels [$12.99, Target.com]

Towels in Fieldcrest are rated by Target’s customers as an excellent choice in price/quality ratio.

target fieldcrest towel
Fieldcrest Towel

PROS: Excellent price/quality ratio, good absorbency
CONS: May lose colors

AmazonBasics (3pcs set) [$12.99, Amazon.com]

Great quality/price ratio again. Set of 3 towels AmazonBasics is one of the best selling on Amazon. This is a very good choice if you are on a tight budget.

amazon basics towels
AmazonBasics Towels

PROS: Low price, high absorbency, quick-drying
CONS: According to some customers, towels loosen fibers