Did you noticed that they have great discounts on different products Walmart, or have you found some portals that offer cash back? Great! We will show you how to get goods from the US Walmart to your country for a low price.

Package forwarding from the US is easy and everyone can do it with our guide.

1. Register on our website to get an American address. You will receive goods from Walmart at this address. In order to assign your package to your account, you'll get a special number (such as #A1234) for the address.
2. To this address, you will order products from Walmart. Once the package will be delivered to our California warehouse, we will send you a notification email.
3. Then you just fill in the customs declaration, choose how you want to deliver the package and we will send it not only to your country but right to your doorstep!

Website: walmart.com

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STEP 1: Set up an Account At PlanetExpress.com and Get your US Address

To receive goods from Walmart, you need an American address. We can provide you with one. Go to planetexpress.com and click "NEW ACCOUNT". If you have an American address from us already, please sign in.

PE Home page
PlanetExpress.com homepage

During registration, fill in your name, the country you live in, your preferred language, your email address and, of course, strong password. Take your time to find the right password. We recommend using one of the online generators like Passwordsgenerator. Do not use passwords like "123456", "password123", "password123", etc.

PE Sign up
Registration is easy and fast

Verify your Email Address

Email Confirmation is a standard step during registration with most online services. We need to communicate with you. Occasionally, our confirmation email is marked as spam/advertising, so if you don't receive our email for a longer period of time, check these folders. If you are not able to find the email, please contact us.

PE Activation Mail
Verification email from Planet Express

Verify your email address by clicking the button in the email.

PE Activation Mail2
Confirm your email address

Set up your US address for Shopping at Walmart.com

Once you log in to your account, fill in your delivery address (you can edit this address later, or you can even add additional addresses). Packages from the US will be sent to this address.

PE Unactivated
Fill in your address and save it

Activate your US address by adding a $5 deposit. After your payment, the deposit is added to your account as a credit for paying for our services. So don't worry about your money. Click the "ADD DEPOSIT" button to add the deposit.

PE Dashboard
This is how dashboard with deactivated account looks like

We offer several payment methods, including PayPal, wire transfer, Bitcoin etc.

PE Payment
Select the payment method

Follow the instructions to make a successful payment. Keep in mind that you must always have a sufficient balance on your bank / PayPal account and the online payments have to be enabled.

PE Payment
We've selected credit card payment

Successful payment will be displayed in the list of payments in ORDERS tab.

PE Payment sucessful
Successful payment of $5 deposit

Once you add the deposit, the US address with a special number (in this case#A8041) will be activated. You'll see the address on the dashboard in your account.

PE Activated
This is how dashboard with deactivated account looks like

American address from Planet Express has the following form:
Name Surname
17224 S. Figueroa Street, Suite #A1234
Gardena, CA (California) 90248

We will work with this address in the following Step 2.

STEP 2: Ordering the Goods From Walmart.com

You already have an American address, we can now move to the actual purchase. We'll show you how to fill in the address correctly on the example of the Google Home Mini Smart Home Assistant.

Not all Walmart products are available for shipping. You will know this according to the fact that the product can not be added to the cart. So do not be confused if the button is missing. In our case, the button is missing when we choose the Aqua color variant:

Walmart no cart
Some product variants are not available

However, Charcoal color is available for shipping, so we will add it to our cart – click ADD TO CART.

Walmart add to cart
Add the product to your cart

After you add goods to your cart, a confirmation is displayed. To pay, click CHECK OUT. If you want to continue shopping, just click on the cross in the top right corner.

Walmart shopping cart
The item has been added to your cart.

If you don't have a Walmart account, you can shop without it.

Walmart Checkout
Shop as a guest if you don't have Walmart account

As you can see, the price is $4.66 higher than the original $49. This is because the state of California is subject to the so-called Sales Tax, which is paid by all new products.

In the next step, select the delivery method. In our case, only one is available.

Walmart shipping
Confirm the delivery address

Fill in the US address as in the next picture. Please, fill in your ID in the following formatSUITEID A****. If you fill in just #A****, A****or,ID A**** the address will be not verified.

Walmart Delivery address
Be sure to fill the delivery address correctly when ordering from Walmart

In the next step, choose your payment method. Walmart offers several of them. We recommend PayPal, credit card or Express Checkout. To confirm your order, click the REVIEW YOUR ORDER button.

Walmart Payment
Select the payment method and finish the order

When you finish your order, it takes a few days before we receive your package in our warehouse. Then we will send you a notification email. If no email arrives, it can mean several things:

1. The email has been delivered to you but was marked as spam. Look for the spam folder.
2. The package didn't arrive in our warehouse - the vendor has either deceived you (in this case, you can report that to the eBay and our support teams immediately) or is still on its way.
3. The package arrived at our warehouse, but due to the absence of an identification number, we do not know which account to assign it to. In that case, please contact us at [email protected] and send us proof (invoice) that you have paid the goods. We will then link the package to your account.

STEP 3: Forward the Package from the US to your Country

As soon as you receive the Walmart package in our warehouse, you are only a few steps from sending it to your country.

Package received
Notification email from Planet Express

In the email, you will find information about the received package and also a login button to our administration.

Package received mail
Email informing you that the package has been received

Sign in to your account and start filling out the customs declaration.

What is the Customs Declaration and Why to Fill it in?

The Customs Declaration is a document that is used to verify the contents of a package during the customs control. IT helps to have control over the movement of goods into the country. It is, therefore, necessary to fill it in. Without a completed customs declaration, the package cannot be sent. Remember, if the package value exceeds the de minimis value for your country, you will have to pay customs duties from it. Unfortunately, there is no 100 % how to avoid customs duties.

simply duty 500x200
Tip: Use Simply Duty tool to calculate the customs duties.

The second reason why you should fill in the customs declaration is insurance. If something bad happens during transport and the content will be damaged, you will be refunded from the value in the declaration. For example, if you fill in $10 in your customs declaration, you will be refunded $10 (+ cost of the shipping), regardless of the item's value.

How to Fill in the Customs Declaration?

Now you know what is customs declaration. Let's fill it in.

The fields are explained below:

Product description – what is inside of the package? Please, fill it in English.
Quantity – how much is it?
Value – what is the value of one piece in American dollars (USD)?
Origin – where it comes from? (usually the USA)
Batteries – does the package contain batteries?

And now practically on our example with the book, This is Marketing by Seth Godin:

PE customs declaration
Customs declaration page

Add a specific product (content of the package) by clicking on "ADD" and then save the declaration with the "SAVE" or "SAVE AND MAILOUT" button.

You can also see how to fill out a customs declaration in our video How to fill in a customs declaration.

Ship the Package from Planet Express to Your Country

Only a few steps left now. After mailout, select the delivery address.

PE Selecting address
If you didn't add a new delivery address, there will be only the one we set up in step 1.

Then choose the delivery method - for more expensive goods, we recommend using shipping methods from DHL and FedEx that offer more detailed package tracking. If you are sending cheaper goods such as a T-shirt, use methods like Planet Mail Economy / Express or USPS Economy / Priority or Aramex.

It is advisable to pay for the insurance of the package in case it gets lost or damaged, as is sometimes the case in logistics, you will be refunded the amount you entered in the customs declaration and the postage cost.

PE Order
Selection of the delivery method and other additional services we provide such as package insurance, adding "fragile" stickers, etc.

Feel free to watch our video tutorial How to mail out the package.

Tracking, Unboxing, and Inspection of the package

All the shipping methods offered by us also include package tracking (up to Planet Mail Economy). You can track the package by clicking "TRACK PACKAGE" in the administration.

Once your package is delivered, check it out and make sure its contents are okay. If the package was obviously damaged, take a picture of it and the goods inside, and send us the pictures at [email protected].

And what does the unboxing package from Planet Express look like? Check out the video below.

Tip: If some step is not clear to you, visit our tutorials page.

Why Use Planet Express for International Shipping?

We offer several useful services alongside package forwarding.

Calculate the Postage Price in Advance

You can easily calculate the postage price in advance. Take advantage of our postage calculator. Just fill in some details and you will get an estimate of the price and delivery time.

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Let Us Shop For You

Don't you have time to shop, or does the business not accept your preferred payment method? Tell us what and where you want to buy and we will do the work for you.

Use Shop For Me

Save Up To 80% With Consolidation

If you order more pieces of goods from different stores and you want to save on postage, we recommend using the consolidation service. You can save up to 80%.

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Do You Have Any Other Wish?

Do you need to scan documents, remove invoices from the package, check the status of the goods, fill customs declaration or something else? Just make a special request.

More about Special Requests

Why are our Prices so Low?

The whole principle of package forwarding from the US is based on the fact that we collect a large number of shipments in one place. This means that we are able to negotiate better rates with carriers (DHL, FedEx, USPS, Aramex, and others) than if you wanted to ship goods from eBay using a courier.

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