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Every shopaholic’s favorite and most anticipated day of the year: Black Friday, a day when stores all around offer incredible discounts to give their customers the best deals on the market as the holiday season approaches. These sales are not restricted to simply stores. Black Friday online shopping in the USA is even bigger than what you find in a store. Following are some relatively odd facts about this day.

It’s Not Just On Friday Anymore

Contrary to the general idea, a few years back, certain stores started launching their Black Friday sales a day early i.e. on Thanksgiving Day only.

The idea stuck and now multiple chain stores start their sales early and allow them to continue for the whole weekend. The Thanksgiving weekend shopping extravaganza first coined the term “Cyber Monday” for the Monday after the weekend.

Pajamas are Best Sellers

While it is understandable to find the best deals on gadgets and technological necessities such as laptops, TVs, or Xboxes, on the opposite end of the spectrum you will find regular household items bringing in the most revenue; such as pajamas.

Pajamas sell out in no time along with other small seemingly insignificant household items.

It’s a Global Entity

Gone are the days when Black Friday Sales were exclusive to the United States of America because the Black Friday phenomenon is now a global entity.

Seeing the States generate incredible profits in sales through these amazing discounts instigated other countries to follow the trend and introduce sales of their own after Thanksgiving. Canada has theirs in October after Canadian Thanksgiving whereas in the U.K. although Thanksgiving is not celebrated, Black Friday is still a highly anticipated event.

Not All Stores Are in Favor Of Black Friday

Thanksgiving weekend is about spending time with family and friends and not working. Many store workers have launched different protests calling for higher wages in lieu of working during the holidays and getting an off on turkey day.

The signed petitions have managed to encourage people towards prioritizing holidays over shopping.

You Can Do All of Your Shopping from Home

Queuing in lines for hours, dealing with enormous crowds, and finding the item you require through different isles requires a lot of stamina, to say the least. The effort does not seem worth the reduced price tag to many. Well, thanks to the internet, now you can shop for anything you want from the comfort of your home.

Online deals and fast delivery has made everyone’s lives a whole lot easier. You no longer have to worry about waiting in never-ending lines and rummage through crowds. All you need is your laptop and an internet connection and a fast package forwarding resource. Planet Express ensures all your retails get forwarded with a fast delivery rate. Get your Black Friday sales package forwarded in most reasonable rates from us.

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