Black Friday is knocking on the door, and we've decided to make it easier for you to orient yourself in between the deals. Even before we give you tips for shops where your favorite products can be bought cheaply, we'll show you some interesting facts and figures about Black Friday, and we'll also advise you on some techniques how to avoid getting fooled.

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Get inspiration with our selection of top offers during the biggest shopping holiday – Black Friday

10 Interesting Facts And Numbers About Black Friday

  • The term "Black Friday" has been used was first used in connection with the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange in the 19th century, so it has not been associated with shopping. (
  • According to American Marketing Association retailers earned in the US during Black Friday 2017 over 7.9 billion dollars. (
  • 13% of shoppers would be willing to pay someone to stand up for the queue. (
  • Average individual spent around $159.55 during Black Friday 2016. (
  • 12 % of people who shopped during the Black Friday admitted they were drunk during the purchase. (

  • The most popular goods during Black Friday are electronics, appliances, and jewelry. (
  • Approximately 8% of drivers admitted that they had violated more traffic regulations during their journey to the shop (especially speed limit). (
  • Walmart sold 150 M lbs of turkey during the Thanksgiving. (
  • In 2017, 10 people died for Black Friday and 105 were injured. ( Fortunately, you can shop from the convenience of your home. Continue reading and find out how.
  • A quarter of people (26%) planned to shop between midnight and 10 pm in the morning during Black Friday. (

Don't Take The First Deal Immediately

We talked about the topic of discounts in an article about Amazon Prime Day. We have noticed that sometimes the offer is not as advantageous as it seems at first glance. Many sellers use the ignorance of ordinary people - before the discount, the sellers artificially raise the price of the goods and then sell it at a discounted price that is the same as the original one.

We recommend using the CamelCamelCamel site and others, where you compare the historical price. So you can easily find out if the deals are really so great as it seems.

If you want to get the most out of your purchase, sign up for one of our recommended cash back portals. You can get a few percents back from your purchase.

Early Black Friday Deals In 2018


Where to look for discounted goods other than on From the categories that you can see below, we would especially recommend electronics and Amazon Devices.

Amazon Black Friday Categories 2018
Categories of discounted goods during Early Black Friday 2018 on

Best Buy

Best Buy
Best Buy Black Friday 2018


If you look after a new notebook for work, you have a great chance to choose from discounted models at

Lenovo Black Friday 2018
The best offers during Black Friday 2018 on

Victoria's Secret

Victorias Secret 2018 black friday
Victoria's Secret Black Friday 2018


Samsung Black Friday 2018


Walmart Black Friday 2018

We will add new deals in the next few weeks.