Free Premium Plan! ?

Shopping season for Christmas 2018 started and we know how important is to get all your packages from the USA before Christmas. The biggest sales including Black Friday sales are going to be very soon, and it is very likely that you will shop from different stores so consolidation is an important function for you.

Because of that, we are giving PREMIUM MAIL BOX FOR ONE MONTH for ALL CUSTOMERS for FREE! Just use the voucher code “BLACK_FRIDAY” to get your PREMIUM MAIL BOX plan for free. The voucher code is valid until the end of November 2018.

What Is Premium Mail Box Plan?

With a Premium Mail Box plan, you have a consolidation feature. The second cool feature is that you have 45 days of free storage with your premium plan. And finally, you also get access to our Oregon warehouse which is completely sales tax-free!

What Is Consolidation?

If you receive more packages even from one seller (yes, they do it), it is a very good idea to put all these boxes into one big box. Thanks to that, you save a lot of money on shipping, because instead of sending 5 lightboxes, you send just one box. We charge a $5 flat fee + $2 per each consolidated package. If you consolidate for example 3 packages, the total price for consolidation will be $11. But for this consolidation fee, you will save average tens of % on shipping. See the video below about how consolidation works.