Packages To Bolivia Update 3/27/2018

Recent, Bolivia’s Postal system is going through some changes or strike that they will not receive, store or process any packages sent into Bolivia anymore. USPS thought Bolivia’s Postal Office would be able to resolve this issue but looks like it may last for a while.

USPS will return the packages that were held at USPS facility in Chile or US custom back to us. Some storage fee or return fee may apply.
We’re working on this issue with USPS to get the packages that didn’t make it to Bolivia to be back to Planet Express and back into our customer’s account. We are doing our best to get your packages back with no additional fees.

You can still send packages out to Bolivia but USPS and Planet Mail will not be available. We can only send out by DHL or FedEx at a moment. We have a great discount for DHL and FedEx to Bolivia and hopefully, we can get your packages to you by this way. To get shipping rates, use our calculator.

Please note that this is not a problem of Planet Express but because of Bolivia’s Postal Office. We are going to keep you posted about all the updates.

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