We Accept Bitcoin Cash

We have goods news for all crypto fans. Now we are able to accept Bitcoin Cash payments! 🙂

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Since the beginning, we use Bitpay for accepting of crypto currencies. For many years, Bitpay was able to accept only Bitcoin but a few days ago, they have started accepting of Bitcoin Cash. Thanks to it you can now use this crypto currency for Planet Express deposit order. The main advantage of bitcoin cash is that network fees are much lower (zero) than fees for Bitcoin transactions. Also don’t forget that with Shop For Me you can use your Bitcoin to purchase any product from any shop! To make a crypto deposit, please contact us to get payment instructions.

Shopping With Bitcoin

With Bitcoin you can make purchase at any shop in the US with our service Shop For Me. Simply top up your account using by Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Open shop for me request and we will make a purchase for you. Thanks to it you can shop on any shop with your crypto currencies! 🙂

bitcoin cash