How to shop Ray-Ban glasses from the USA

Besides Oakley, Gucci and Luis Vuitton, Ray-Ban’s glasses belong undoubtedly among the most popular of all. Ray-Ban’s greatest popularity was in the 1980’s, thanks to the “Aviator” model that Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun film. However, Ray-Ban glasses appeared, for example, in Matrix, E.T. and countless other films. They are also very popular among celebrities, and we will introduce you today how to order Ray-Ban glasses directly from the US and save a few bucks. Ray-Ban glasses are usually much cheaper in the USA than anywhere else.

The iconic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. Source:

In order to buy Ray-ban directly from USA official store, you need an American address. If you don’t live there, do not despair. We can make a virtual address for free in USA for you. After registration, you will be able to order goods from US stores, and then we will forward your package to your doorstep.

Registration is simple, it takes up to a few minutes. Upon registration, you will be prompted for a $ 5 deposit. This deposit will be then transferred to a postage credit. We require this deposit to discourage potential fraudsters who want to abuse our service. Your new address will look like this (you will have a different name and the #A**** number):

John Doe
17224 S. Figueroa Street #A1234
Gardena, CA 90248, USA

Now we’ll show you how to work with this address. When you choose your glasses and move to the basket, you will be prompted to fill in the delivery address. Fill them according to the following picture.

Use our telephone number in the field “Telephone”. We handle all possible issues.

The good news is that Ray-Ban offers free shipping across the United States. You only pay for postage from the US to your country. In this case, postage will cost a few dollars (depending on delivery method and country you are from). You can calculate the exact amount of postage from the US to your home using our shipping calculator.

After filling the address details, just pay for the order and wait about 2-3 days before the goods are delivered to your new US address. This address is actually the address of our warehouse. Once we receive your goods, we inform you by email. After that, just fill in a customs declaration, select a delivery method, and you’re done. Your package is on the way!

In case you do not know the advice, please contact us at [email protected].