6+1 Best Websites for Buying Toys From [2020]

We have tips for toys for your beloved spirits. Perhaps every child gets brightened when he gets a new toy that makes him fun. We have prepared a list of the best stores for you to buy toys from various renowned brands (Disney, LEGO …) as well as craftsmen who make original toys.

Buying toys online in the US can save you not only time but also money. Our selected stores are trusted so you don’t have to worry.

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At Disney’s official store, you can buy original Disney, Marvel, Starwars or Pixar toys. Film fans are especially welcome here.

American Girl

If you have a baby girl, this store is made for you! Here you can buy dolls of all kinds, plus equipment to them of course.

Toy Wiz

At Toy Wiz, you will find a new collection of toys of all kinds. If your child is a fan of Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, or other movie heroes, you are at the right place!


There is no need to introduce Amazon. But if you don’t know Amazon yet, believe that you can choose from thousands of toys here. You will find toys for both boys and girls there.


In Walmart you can get almost anything, the toys do not go away. If you want free shipping*, just buy for over $35.


Kohl’s is an American retail chain with a long tradition. In addition to toys for children, you can buy household items, clothing or footwear here. For free shipping, just buy for over $75.

Extra tip – Toys for Curious Children

If you want to stimulate curiosity and interest in your child, we recommend Fat Brain Toys. In this shop, you will find a lot of toys that literally spin your children’s brain!

Fat Brain Toys

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