We have been doing and testing on how to ship packages from the USA to Thailand in the quickest and cheapest way possible; and we found  the solution. Our Planet Mail Express and Economy are the cheapest way to ship your items to Thailand. The average transit time is around 7-14 business days for Planet Mail Express. Packages will be delivered by Thai local post office.

The keys

  • Keep the package under 4 lbs.
  • Do not consolidate too many items together.
  • Use Planet Mail Express (this method has some basic tracking visibility).
  • Planet Mail Economy (but this one does not have any tracking visibility) may take longer.

Of course if you have expensive items, we still suggest to use DHL, FedEx, for fully trackable and fast transit time. USPS is slower but still have full tracking ability. Planet Mail Express is a quick way to ship your low value items to Thailand and custom does not give you problem most of the time.

If you have any question, please contact us.

Your package, our mission!

Planet Express Team.

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