5+1 Best Websites For Buying A Smartphone From

The popularity of smartphones is growing every year. Smartphones are slowly forcing desktop computers and tablets out of the market. More than 50% of web site access is via mobile devices. That's why we've decided to give you tips on where to buy your new smartphone.

This article is not about how to choose the right smartphone for you. You will learn 5+1 tips for stores where to buy new a smartphone. These stores are popular among our customers, so do not worry about untrustworthy sites.

If you're thinking about buying a new phone from the US store that does not ship to your country, we have a solution for you! Thanks to our virtual address and package forwarding, shopping in the US will no longer be a problem.

And How Package Forwarding Work?

In short – Sign up for our service and pay a deposit ($5). This is our security feature (rejecting those who would like to abuse our service). Then, we will set up the virtual address for you. This address you will use when ordering from one of the selected stores. This is where you will get goods and we will forward it to you.

Do you think that it has to cost a lot of money? Well, not exactly. We send smaller packages from a few tens of dollars. You can calculate the price and shipping time using our postage calculator.

TIP – Select Only Unlocked Smartphones

You can often find a great phone at a fraction of the price. It is not, however, that these pieces are often tied to a particular operator (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular ...). That's why you should focus on unlocked smartphones or no contract & prepaid pieces. You will save a lot of worries with eventual complaints.

We gave you the necessary know-how, so let's move to the stores.

Best Buy

Looking for a store where to buy smartphones and other consumer electronics? Best Buy is the right choice.

New Egg

New Egg is a hub for consumer electronics including smartphones and everything. You can choose from thousands of smartphones from renowned brands like HTC, Nokia, Apple, Samsung, Huawei etc.


On Amazon, you can buy almost everything (so we prepared an Amazon shopping guide). And smartphones are no exception. If you are one of the most demanding users, you can also order various accessories such as tripods, covers, lenses, etc. 


Walmart is very popular among Americans. It offers smartphones for a few tens of dollars, as well as flagships (Samsung Galaxy S9/9+, Apple iPhone X) of renowned brands. Of course, there are also unlocked smartphones.


Have you never heard of Overstock? Do not worry. You will find both brand new and rebuilt pieces from brands such as Apple, Samsung, ASUS, Lenovo, Sony etc.

Extra Tip – How To Get Cheaper iPhone?

Many people discourage from buying the iPhone. However their high price, it is not always necessary to buy a brand new piece. Apple's official site even sells refurbished iPhones that can be up to several tens of dollars cheaper. The best thing about this is that the quality of the product is exactly the same.


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